Word on the Street

January 2016

Dates to Remember

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  • 5 Student Return
  • 18 MLK Day - No School
  • 22 Bluebonnet Breakfast Reward


  • 4 Cookies & Cocoa Parent Night
  • 5 H.I.S. UIL Competition
  • 12 No school for students
  • 15 No school for students and staff
  • 27 UIL Competition @ Pine Tree


  • 2 Spring Pictures
  • 3 End of Grading Period
  • 3 Nine Week Reward, Big Event
  • 4 No school for students/1st Bad Weather Day
  • 7-11 Spring Break
  • 24 Victory Assembly, 1:30
  • 25 No school/2nd Bad Weather Day
  • 29 STAAR - 5th Math
  • 30 STAAR - 5th Reading and 4th Writing
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Thursday, February 4th - Parent Night

We are doing Cookies & Cocoa a tad differently this year. We are working a 5th grade music program into the evening.

Also, parents are typically very confused as to where everything is so we will change the structure slightly. Each family will plan together and set up in the rooms with one station for each content area. Parent can then go to other families as they have time. This will also make it easier to pass out their packets.

Example: Mighty Minds set up in Wyman's room...Parker does "math at the grocery store," Wineinger does "guided reading at home," Wyman does "what is expository?"


5:30 Teachers report (dinner will be here earlier if you want Pizza) Sign up HERE,

5:45 - 5th grade students report to their homerooms; parents go to gym.

6:00 - 5th grade music program

6:30 - Stations begin

8:00 - End

We will have the door by the gym open to parents. Only 5th grade students will be allowed into classes. Everyone else can watch the program.

*Anything that needs to go in the bag home needs to be given to Whittle by Friday the 15th.

HISD School Board Policy Updates

In regards to tobacco products & e-cigarettes:

"The District prohibits smoking and the use of tobacco products and e-cigarettes on District property, in District vehicles, or at school-related activities."

We will likely only encounter this at parent pick up and things like track day. Please report to TC if you would like him to address it.

In regards to weapons (including new law pertaining to open carry):

"The District prohibits the unlawful use, possession, or display of any firearm, illegal knife, club, or prohibited weapon, as defined at FNCG, on all District property at all times. No violation of this policy occurs when the use, possession, or display of an otherwise prohibited weapon takes place as part of a District-approved activity supervised by proper authorities."

We will have signs out ASAP regarding the prohibited weapons. TC should be notified immediately if you encounter someone not abiding by the new laws. Only authorized personnel (TC) are allowed to have weapons on school property; including vehicles.

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We all know the importance of attendance and the link it has to student learning.


Each Friday @ 3:00 - homeroom with highest % gets extra recess. Office will watch.

End of 9 Week - all homerooms with over a 97% get to participate in kickball

End of 9 Week - homeroom with the highest get a pizza party

What teachers can do:

Call home on the 2nd absence

Encourage each day

Celebrate when class has 100%

Reading & Writing Teachers - Check out the link below

CBA Changes

We will be changing the structure of the CBA and Mock tests for the remainder of the year. Please talk to your writers and check the calendar for changes. In a nutshell, we'll not do a CBA and a Mock in the same nine weeks. The implications of that is that you'll change your CBA to Common Assessments to test for mastery of newly acquired skills.