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Weekly Blog May 25th-29th, 2015

Learning Labs

Exploring the ocean has been one of our favorite projects! We feel that we have learned so much about taking care of our oceans and its animals. We are sad to see this project come to an end as we have discovered some new favorites throughout the process including the story I'm A Manatee, and ways that we can help manatees, sea turtles and other local marine life. Although it took all month we were finally successful in completing our floor shark puzzle! It took teamwork!!! Learning about Reggae music also was a favorite. We discovered a Reggae version of 5 Little Monkeys that always lifted our spirits and made us dance!!! The story Anansi and The Magic Stick taught us about doing things for ourselves, and not being too greedy. Students loved this folktale and requested it be read quite often!

During the month of June students will choose favorite projects to explore again or learn something new. We will also revisit favorite themes and stories, and some friends already decided that they would like to have a make believe spa day!

Culinary Arts

This week we donned our chef hats to make yummy, organic, healthy ice-cream! We used almond milk, raspberries, blueberries, and bananas to make this tasty and refreshing treat. We were eager to try the ice-cream and waiting for it to freeze was definitely a test on our patience!

After enjoying our healthy, organic ice-cream the votes are in! The recipe was a hit! Although its consistency was more slushy than creamy it was a perfect treat for a warm Florida day. Try it this summer at home.

-Pint of Strawberries

-4-5 Frozen Bananas

-Raspberries (optional)

-Almond Milk

Cut fruit and place into a blender with almond milk. Mix, Freeze and Enjoy!!!

Zumba Dance Party

Harvest from our School Garden!

Look at the very long green beans that we harvested from our beanstalk. We have been watching and taking very good care of our beanstalk and what amazing beans it sprouted. We had fun measuring, comparing and of course eating the green beans. They were so tasty that we couldn't resist them for a tasty, organic, homegrown snack!

A Night At the Art Museum

The lights came on, the stage lit up and the actors shined on May 22nd at LemonBay Playhouse. The performance was nothing short of spactacular and as always Miss Terra and Miss Michelle were brought to tears by the amazement and spirit of the TerraNichol Academy Theater. Thank you Chase, Amelia, Mila, Ryan, John, Gavin, Arlo and Olivia for the everlasting memory!
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Portfolios and End of the Year Assessments

Its almost that time of year! As school begins to wind down for the summer please note that you will receive an email that will let you know the date and time for portfolio pick up at TerraNichol Academy. All End of the Year Assessments will be provided through email at the close of the school year.

Last Day of School is June 26th. Expect fall packets through email. All students will need updated immunization and physicals so plan ahead and make your appointments now as to not hold up your child's file and start date.
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A journey comes to an end

This week marks the last school days for some of our friends. Remember at TerraNichol Academy we never say goodbye only Ciao for Now! You will always have a place here and we are proud of all the progress and growth that you have made this year. You have inspired us and touched our hearts more than you know. As your journey continues be sure to continue to reach for the sky and never be afraid to dream!

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