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Mrs. Smith 6th Grade Earth Science Class

The Earthquake PBL

In our project, Earthquake PBL, my group and I had to design and build a home for Tony Stark in California that would withstand an Earthquake. It was very challenging yet enjoyable. One of our first steps into making this building was to answer a driving question. Our driving question was, "How can we as structural engineers construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?" When we designed our house for Stark, we made it tall but not too tall. We made the roof out of straws so that our building won't come crumbling down. Our walls were criss-crossed so that it will be more firm and sturdy. Then for the base we stuck the building on top of a surface of clay so that whenthe clay hardens the building would be stuck on. In this PBL, I learned how to work as a team and a lot about engineering and architecture. Bust most of all I had fun building with my friends.

Shake Test Video

Interview Video

30 Hands Project

In my indivisual project, 30 Hands, I had to make a presentation using Pic Collage and the 30 Hands app. It was very fun for me because I was able to get creative and have fun with it. My favorite part was making the slides for each main idea and recording it. Not only did I have fun making the presentation, I was also able to learn a lot more about the human's impact on the atmosphere. I learned how our industrial businesses help the Global Warming get worse. I also learned that natural processes such as dust storms and volcantic eruprions help contribute to the Greenhouse Effect. I had a lot of fun doing this project yet I have learned so much from a single project

30 Hands Video

Invention Convention

The final project that I am going to talk about is the Invention Convention Project. Unlike the 30 Hands project this was a goup project. My partner was Kayla. In this project we had to invent an invention that will help reduce an environmental problem. A problem that we decided to help stop was the releasing of Green House gases. Our invention helps reduce the amount of Green House gases released by not burning that much fossil fuels and instead uses a natural resource, water. So first we have a wheel that turns when a fan pushes the fan around which carries the water around with it. Then when the water gets to a certain point, it tips over and the water falls onto a tube which carries it into the turbine which genterates the electricity. Then the electricity is used to power homes and all that good stuff. So ourinvention will not only reduce the amount of Greenhouse Gases reduced, it will also provide elctricity in an earth- friendly way.