Pre-K Van Metre

April Happenings

April Update

This month was amazing with our field trip to the Pennington Quality Market! We got to see how the bakers decorate a cake, how they can make a lobster go to sleep, and areas off limit to the public--like freezers and where the trucks make deliveries! It was really cool to see how a grocery store works and they gave us a treat to eat too! This month our kindergarten friends invited us to take part in their "Kinder-Garden" and we planted wildflower seeds. We can't wait to watch them grow! We also learned all about insects and continued to learn more letters of the alphabet. We also talked about ways we can take care of the Earth and celebrated Earth Day. And we can't forget our awesome fruit and veggie party where we got to try so many yummy new fruits and veggies! It was a fantastic success! Finally, it was great to speak with families at Spring conferences!

If I Were a Butterfly I'd Fly...

  • "to get more vegetables"--Rayna
  • "to a butterfly tree"--Chris
  • "on a flower"--Vidyut
  • "to a flower"--Zach
  • "to India"--Chinmay
  • "to Grace"--Lisa
  • "to the animals"--Grace
  • "home"--Malik
  • "to the moon"--Micah
  • "to the store"--Tara
  • "a house"--Timi
  • "England"--Diya
  • "to a person"--Aaron
  • "Australia"--Jason
  • "South"--Adriano
  • "to the forest"--Klarissa

What's Coming Up in May?

  • Pet Shop theme
  • Plants
  • Continuation of alphabet
  • Measurement
  • May 8--PTO Dance Party
  • May 10--Mother's Day
  • May 15--Aloha Day
  • May 22--Blue and White School Spirit Day
  • May 25--Memorial Day (No School)
  • May 29--Field Day