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Friday, April 8, 2016


Monday, April 11 - PARCC State Testing Begins for Grade 3 (7 Days)

Wednesday, April 13- 3rd Grade Memoir Writers

Friday, April 15 - Marking Period 3 Ends, Groovy Day

THE MEET THE PRINCIPAL, originally scheduled for next week will occur in May along with an activity for our families.

Did You Know.....

Each week I try to call out one thing about our school or staff that parents and students may not know...

Mr. Billy originally started his career in education as a college teacher and wrestling coach.

Gifted and Talented Screening Process

Gifted and Talented Screening Process

All K-7 students are screened for eligibility to receive gifted and talented services during the 2016-2017 school year. We recognize that parents possess valuable information about the learning characteristics of their children.

Parent input forms for G&T are currently available in each building and at Go to Admin, Office of Instructional Services, Special Programs, Gifted and Talented. Scroll down and click on Parent Inventory Form. All parent nomination forms are due to the main office by May 1, 2016.

Jerry Pallotta, Famous Author, Visits Slackwood

Slackwood continues to push many different literacy initiatives. One of them is writing. Thanks to LTEF for the grant and Mrs. Jerez from our PTO for organizing the event, Jerry Pallotta, a world renowned non-fiction author, visited Slackwood on Tuesday, April 5. Mr. Pallotta met with the whole school and talked about his writing and his inspiration. She shared many of his books with the students and brought many to the front to participate in the presentation.

Mr. Pallotta met with several students after his presentation and answered questions. He visited most of the classrooms throughout the day and also spent time signing autographs. He even helped Mr. Billy with bus duty. It was another great day for literacy and for Slackwood School

Healthy Birthday Treats

I have to say it just one more time...Please try to follow district health guidelines when sending in treats for your children. Guidelines say that we can not serve items where sugar is the first ingredient.

Each teacher celebrates birthdays differently and it's not our job to even celebrate but we try to acknowledge birthdays. I'm still seeing those store bought cupcakes with piled high icing coming in for student birthdays. We spend a lot of time teaching our students about healthy living practices and it is hard when we don't model these practices by giving them healthy snacks. Let's try to do better! Thank you!

This week's message comes from Jahi Fuller in Mrs. Foehr's first grade class

Newsletter 4 8
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PARCC Starts next week

Third graders throughout the state are getting ready for their first crack at the state mandated PARCC test. If you are a parent of a third grader there are a few things you can do to help your child.

1. Make sure that they get to bed early and get plenty of sleep.

2. Give the a good breakfast before coming to school.

3. Give them lots of positive words of encouragement.

4. Get your child to school on time.

Help us out with our STEM initiative!

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Slackwood Represents and Celebrates

Each year Slackwood School participates in the township Memorial Day Parade. This year, the Township is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the 25th Anniversary of Desert Storm. If you are a Slackwoodian parent, grandparent or family member, we and the Township would like to recognize you during the parade. Please contact me at and we will make you part of this celebration.

Missing something? Check out the Lost and Found!

Each day I walk by the Lost and Found, which is directly across from the library and I wonder, "How could someone not know that they are missing a winter jacket?" Do you wonder that too? If you are missing clothing, including gloves, hats, sweatshirts, gloves, etc. make sure that you check out the Lost and Found.

One way to avoid having things fall into the abyss is to make sure you write your child's name on clothing items. If there is a name on it, we'll be sure to get it back to them. Put it on the inside tag or collar. Anywhere we can find it will be helpful.

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