Poems of the META

Life is like

Life is like sleep
Some like it and
some dont. some
is shorter than others

Life is like a desert
long, Boring,
hot, dangerous
and worth the journey

Earth day.

Moutinas standing in clouds
Wind blowing in my hair
Apples that have fallen off the tree
The apple from the tree
The grass between my fingers

Ode to friendship

When I am down
I always have
my friends to
Turn me around

No matter who is
there, I dont
just sit and
Stare. I laugh

I smile, I run
I jump, I have
fun and see
my friends being cool

Elegy to summer.

Summer is long gone
no way to hold on
Back to school
No more juggling tools

No more relaxing by the pool
Maybe I will be Whole
Back to back breaking work
I may end up digging with a fork

Back to learn
no more staring
at my fern
Back to school...

Weekend fun

I swing around the tracks shooting
at the evil vox while the amazing
Birdman squashes and destroys
the zepplins until I realize I'm
just a lazy couch potato

The cold dark sea.

I sit at the controls
while the captian checks
the ship. I look out
and see, the past me.

I remember when I was young singing "yo ho
ho, and a bottle of Rum"
Thinking I was a flying Pirate

Until I grew older and
then I realized
that I need to grow up
to be Idleized

When the captian came
back I took him to
the tracks. Then went
off to face the cold, dark sea.