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December 2019

Secondary Literacy Website

Links to curriculum guides, topic assessments, and helpful resources for all ELA courses 6-12.

We WILL provide complex grade-level texts for all students, every day in service of grade-level cognitive tasks and assessments.

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Upcoming Deadlines and Requests

  • 11/22 Spring novel purchase and transfer requests due
  • 12/13 District PLC's - Roosevelt 8-10am
  • 1/15 End of 1st Semester
  • 1/23 PLC Facilitator Training - (note the date change)

Request for Texts & Transfer of Materials: SPRING 2020 due 11/22

Any PURCHASE or TRANSFER request for novels for second semester is due by Nov. 22nd.

It seems early but by the time I am able to get quotes back from vendors, a PO request approved, shipment, and our district bar-coding process completed, it takes nearly 4-6+ weeks to move materials.

Requests for newly purchased materials will not be approved after that time.

Please limit your purchase requests to absolutely vital needs. Priority will be given to unique high school courses that require specific material updates. Middle schools should make every attempt to refrain from purchasing new texts in preparation for new materials 2020-2021.

Please box up novels you are done with for the fall and have your building textbook manager initiate a transfer back to Central Stores.

Use the form linked below to request a text. This includes textbooks and novels. This will be approved or denied by me based on alignment to curriculum and availability.

Current novel inventory is located in the spreadsheet below. Please consider using texts we already have available in the district prior to initiating a request for new purchases.


Grading Guidance: SRG Did You Know?

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Current EL Curriculum - Middle School

I encourage all PLCs to explore the current resources available through Even with materials changing, they offer standards aligned units with grade-level appropriate texts and scaffolded material recommendations that can make planning instruction so much easier for our current school year.

While 75% of texts are slated to change, the following will remain in the new draft:

6th Module 1: Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

7th Module 1: A Long Walk to Water

8th Module 2: To Kill a Mockingbird

High School Curriculum from

Unbounded is the organization that puts on the Standards Institute and is the source of our middle school curriculum adoption for 2020-2021. There are materials designed for 9-12, although not in the same format as what is currently available for middle schools. I encourage all high school teachers to explore this resource as you design instruction for 2nd semester. As we look towards the future of high school programming, guaranteed text sets and assessments will increase our ability to assess how students in our system are progressing towards college and career readiness.