Benjamin Franklin

By Noah Smith


Did you know that Benjamin Franklin had sixteen siblings. Let me tell you some more cool facts on Ben. There are so many epic and weird things that happened to Ben when he was young. Ben's childhood may be neat but, the things he did changed history forever. Even though his life was great everyone comes to a end, but we still respect him. Now you know what's going on let's start talking about Bens childhood.

Ben as a Boy

All of Benjamin Franklins history is amazing but first we need to go way back when Ben was just a Boy. Way back in 1706 in Boston, little Ben was born. He was the fifteenth baby out of seventeen, but he was the youngest. Four of his brothers died young. Two of the four drowned so Ben was lucky to live. His dad, mr.Franklin always wanted Ben to be a minister so he can make money for the family. Ben went to school for two years then he quit, because his dad needed more help for his shop. Even though he quit school little Ben could still read and write. After a few more years working for his dad he started working for his brother James as a printer. When Ben was seventeen he could not stand working for his brother, so he ran away onto a boat that brought him to Philadelphia. Ben did not know but Pliadelphia would be the place were he changed history. Now we know a little bit of his backstory let's go to when he made some of the biggest discoveries of all time.

Master of Many

Now that we know Ben's past let's talk about the time Ben changed history. When Ben got to Philadelphia he was a free man. He became a printer and started makeing his own money. When Ben was twenty four he got married to Debbie Read, he even started his own printer shop. One of Ben creation that changed history was the Fire Department, yep the the things Ben made still save lives every day up to day, he also made the Libray, how hard would it to study if you didn't have a libray. In 1732, twenty six year old Ben made the Poor Richards Almanac he sold ten thousand each year, he sold them for twenty five years! Most people think Ben found electricty, but he just studyed it and did tricks. One day he was trying to kill a turkey with electricty, but instead he almost killed him self. Ben may have been a good man but everything good comes to a end, so now it's time to talk about Bens twilight years.

End of Ben

Ben may have lived a long happy life, but he still died so now it's time to talk about his twilight year up to his last day. Ben was one of greatest Amricans ever to live. With out him our lives would just not be the same, we would not have librays, fire departments and many other things. Then old Ben became very ill. He could not even get out of bed, he was still sick but he still read and wrote. Every after noon at elevn o'clock his grand doughter Deborah, would share her spelling lesson, if she did good he would give her fruit jelly. One night Ben fell into a coma, and died at eleven o'clock April 17,1790 he was eight four. At his funeral twenty thousand people showed up. Even though he may be dead there many places in Philadelphia dedicated to Ben. All the thing's Ben did was great but what Ben always wanted to do was to make a independent United States and he did just that.


So do you know so more cool facts on Ben? I hope so Ben not only changed history he became history. All of Bens lifeline was fasinating but his childhood was one of the most important points in Bens life. Now let's get to the best of Bens history, and when he changed history. Ben did end but what he did never will. Now you know more cool thing's on Ben you know with out him you would be living a better life so be happy Ben was born for the things he did and the things he said.


1.Coma: A disease or injury that puts someone in a unconscious mentlal state.

2.Printer: Someone who prints papers, news paper or books and sells them for money.

3.Poor Richards Almanac: A book published by Benjamin Franclin that has jokes, advice, poems and weather predictions.


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