Background Information

The capital of Brazil is Brasilia. Two major cities in Brazil are Cuiba and Goiania. It was once controlled by Portugal but gained independence in 1822. They gained it when the king gave his son the prince and he declared independence and asked his dad and Portugal and they said yes.
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Geographical information

Brazil boarders nearly every country in South America except for Chile and Ecuador. Some major physical features in Brazil are the Selvas, Brasilian Highlands, and the Amozon rainforest/ river.
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Political and Deplomacy information

Brazil has a federal republic government run by president Dilma Rousseff. Brazil is part of a group of countries called the Mercosur. The Mercosur includes the countries of Argentina, Paraguay, Uraguay, and Venezuela.
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Economic and trade information

Brazil's currency is a "real" and has a capitalism type of government. They import machinery, equipment, chemical products, oil, and electricity from the United States. Brazil exports coffee, oranges, and bananas to the United states and countries in the Mercosur.

Tourist information

People should visit Brazil for there 7,491 km of coastline and the great tropical climate. People should go to the capital Brasilia to see the Brasilia cathedral. Also they should take a safari into the Amozon Rainforest.
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