Adie Weekly News

Week of 6/5-6/9

Dates to Remember:

-Wednesday, 6/7...weekly early release day, students dismissed at 1:30

-Friday, 6/9....Adie School field day for all students

-Wednesday, 6/14...weekly early release day, students dismissed at 1:30

-Monday, 6/19...NO SCHOOL, in observance of Juneteenth Day

-Wednesday, 6/21....weekly early release day, students dismissed at 1:30

Adie School Field Day 2023

It's time for the annual "Adie School Field Day" 2023!!! We were able to purchase new field day shirts for all staff and students. Shout out to Mill City Clothing for designing and printing our shirts. All students will receive their shirts to wear at school the morning of Field day.
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ESY Program

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Adie ESY Program

Location: Adie School

Dates: Wednesday, July 5th-Tuesday, August 1st

Time: 7:30-11:00

***Please return district form response. The forms provide the district with information regarding the number of students that plan on attending and confirms the list for transportation services. Reach out with any questions or if you need another copy of the forms that were sent home.

Curriculum Corner

Ms. Jenna's Class

Students in Ms. Jenna's class working hard on ELA and math activities. Students take a stop at the school reading area to look at some books.

Ms. Allison and Ms. Becca's Class:

Students in Ms. Allison's and Ms. Becca's classrooms followed the steps in a recipe to make bubble foam during science class.

Ms. Casey's Class:

Students in Ms. Casey's class followed the steps in a recipe to create edible flag treats in honor of Memorial Day.

Ms. Ashley's Class:

Students in Ms. Ashley's class learned about sharks this week. As a follow up activity, they used recycled materials from our school recycle center to create sharks and their habitats.

Ms. Amy's Class:

Students in Ms. Amy's class work on following directions and turn taking skills during social skills group.

Learning with Lexia

Two of the most recent students to level up in the online Lexia reading program....
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Fun Around the School

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News from Nurse Lea:

The hot weather is here! Students will continue to go outside for gym and recess for short periods of time throughout the day. Please apply sunblock to your children before they leave for school and remember to dress them in layers if it is cool in the morning and hot temperatures are expected as the day progresses.

***Open toe shoes. Students are struggling during gym class and tripping during recess with open toe shoes (sandals, flip flops). Please consider sending in an alternative pair as back up for gym class and recess.

Parent Resources

Sensory Friendly Events-June

See image below for a list of sensory friendly events in the surrounding towns during the month of June.
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DDS Services (Department of Developmental Services)

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) provides supports to over 43,000 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder across the Commonwealth. The agency's mission is to create innovative and genuine opportunities for these individuals to participate fully in, and contribute meaningfully to, their communities as valued members.

Services are coordinated through 23 Area Offices and 4 Regional Offices across the state. Services are provided through contracts with non-profit agencies and through two self-directed service options. The Department monitors services through a variety of quality management systems.
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Application for DDS Services

Link to the applications for DDS Services...