Weekly News

June 1-5


Students took a cumulative review test in class last week. Results went home last Friday. For the remainder of school, they will work on math concepts in ST Math and Tenmarks.

Last week, students focused on one module from 6th grade and created real-life problems illustrating mathematical terms. They presented their concepts to the class.


Students respond to the topic of how their time at ECC has prepared them for middle school. The test format is personal narrative and they will incorporate specific examples that have shaped their perspective as learners.

Social Studies

The cereal box projects were great! This week we move on to Unit 5: Early Civilizations of India and China.

Big Ideas

  • How did the physical settings of ancient India and China support the rise of civilizations?
  • How did the ideas of Hinduism affect Asia?
  • How did the ideas of Buddha change Asia?
  • What were the achievements of the emperor Ashoka?

Reading Comprehension

We will continue with responses to literature (both fiction and non-fiction).

Egg Drop

Last week The Egg Drop assignment was issued. Students work in pairs to construct a contraption that will keep their egg safe and in one piece after falling from the balcony to the courtyard! With bright eyes and mischievous smiles, they accepted the challenge. The Egg Drop Event will take place on June 15.

Vacation Planner

Objective: You and a friend are going on a vacation and need to plan it on a budget of $2500. You must decide where you are going to go, book a flight or plan your road trip, book your hotel, book a rental car (if needed), and plan at least 1 activity per day. If you have money left over, you can schedule more activities. I look forward to hearing all the fun plans the students make.

Field Trips

Please sign and return field trip notices by Wednesday, June 3.

We have plenty of permission slips in class if you need a new one.

I am David

Ahh…we completed the novel and want to watch the movie. Of course, nothing beats a good book, but it is fun to watch the movie version and discuss comparisons. The movie is rated PG, so a parent signature is required for your child to viewit. Attached is a description of the movie. Ask your child for a permission slip today.

Coming Up

June 16 Movie: I am David

June 17 San Diego Country Fair (drivers needed)

June 18 Boomers (drivers needed)

June 19 Promotion and Report Cards

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