Learning Coach Corner

Volume I Issue 15

“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.”

-Tom Stoppard

Great Things Happening in our Classrooms at South Middle School!

Kahoot Kahoot Kahoot! Kahoot is used often with whole group participation; however, Mr. Gorman uses it with his students on an individual basis. Trenton said it is very cool and the answer comes up quickly! He then explained enthusiastically how Kahoot works.

Strategies, Strategies, Strategies

The Wingman Strategy! Finding strategies to engage the reluctant student can be a challenge. This strategy gives students a guide sheet and responsibilities during discussion.

Engaging the Reluctant Student Video 1:44

Checking for Understanding

4 Corners: Video 1:51 Students are asked a question or are presented with a statement. Each corner has a response and students choose one and explain why they chose this "corner."

This activity promotes speaking, critical thinking and problem solving skills. It can be used at any time during the lesson!


Lesson Plan to Teach Mindset Larry Ferlazzo's has his students watch video clips and write down the elements of growth mindset and how they are demonstrated.

Take a look at the video clips if nothing else!

Find more clips here.

Tech Bytes!

Google Docs in the Classroom great video on collaborative writing using google docs. 2:24

TchVideoLounge #tchvideolounge: "a place where you can get ideas, get inspired, and talk shop with colleagues around the world."