Dunkin' Donuts

America Runs On Dunkin'

Business Description

Dunkin' Donuts is an American franchise that provides citizens with quality brewed coffee and delicious baked goods, including bagels, doughnuts (obviously), and more.

Facts About The Franchise

  • Franchising since 1955, but the company was founded in 1950
  • Headquarters: Canton, Massachusetts
  • Total number of franchising units: 10,933
  • Parent company of Dunkin' Donuts offers Baskin Robbins as well
  • Parent company: Dunkin' Brands

More Franchise Information

Let's Get Down to Business

What is the training provided to new franchises?
The Dunkin' Donuts Core Initial Training Program takes a minimum of 24 days (non-consecutive) to complete the classroom/instructional phases. Not including online, web-based training. The online training program, "Dunkin' Brands Online University" is the required training program for franchises, managers, and the crew. Training varies at headquarters.

Obligations and Restrictions:
The franchisee must devote continuous best efforts to the development, management and operation of the franchised business. The franchise granted is limited to one location and all sales must be made from that location. Franchisees are not permitted to sell or distribute goods or services through the use of the Internet or other electronic communications.

What is the start-up fee?

How much do they make annually?
$216.1K - $1.5M

How much do you have to invest?
Initial cash required: $250,000
Net worth requirement: at least $500,000