Teens using Electronic Cigarettes

Totally a matter of concern for Parents!!

Teens using Electronic Cigarette---Totally a matter of concern for Parents!!

Hello, I am Greg Bear, hope you all are doing well, thanks for following my blog updates. In my previous post I was discussing on the use of electronic cigarettes among teenagers. Today I am continuing my blog on the same topic but in different perspective. These days, I am regularly watching news on the misuse of electronic cigarettes among teenagers and I feel totally disturbed, but at the same time I feel happy because my son is not overwhelmed by electronic cigarettes. It was reported that the use of e cigs by teenagers has almost doubled in last two years.

As per my opinion, it is totally a matter of concern, especially for parents, how can they allow their teens to use electronic cigarettes? We know that it does not produce any second hand smoke, it produces water vapor which immediately evaporates into the atmosphere but these water vapors are made up of nicotine solution which is an addictive drug. The report also reveals that these teenagers are also using traditional cigarettes which cause Cancer. It’s the major responsibility of parents to have a control on all activities of their children so that they do not interact with wrong habits.

I believe that if kids get habitual to nicotine using e cigarettes, it may make them lifelong smokers not just of e cigarettes but of traditional cigarettes as well and we know that cigarettes remain the number one cause of death. So parents should take immediate action to handle their children in an appropriate way, as the future of our country is in their hands. Along with parents, it’s the first duty of our Government to protect the teens from being influenced by electronic cigarette brands.