Taryn Carroll

Hobbies and Clubs

My hobbies include singing, playing the piano and reading. I am in Women's Choir and I take piano lessons. I really like reading because it's an escape from reality. I like art but I'm not very good at it and I don't put in a lot of time doing it.

Family Info

I live with my mom and my dad. I have one brother, Josh, who is 14. We have two dogs: Sadie and Squirrel, two cats: Gracie and Howdy, and I have my own cat, Batman.

Future Plans

When I graduate high school, I'd like to go to Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri to get my AAM (Associate of Art: Music) and go to KU to get a teaching degree so I can be an elementary music teacher. Music is my greatest passion. I always wanted to be a teacher and I love working with little kids.

My Holiday Break

Over break, my grandparents came over to celebrate Christmas with us. On Christmas day, I went to my great-grandmother's house. All of my family was there, and I got to hold my cousin's newborn for the first time! I was given over $200 and I decided to go on a shopping spree with my best friend, Alyssa.

On New Years Eve, I went over to my boyfriend's house to celebrate with him. On New Years day, I stayed home and played video games with my brother.

Other Facts

I'm a little OCD; when I'm walking up or down stairs, I have to count them. It bothers me if I don't.

I am completely obsessed with anything British or Parisian. I am visiting London and Paris with Mrs. Schuster in 2015. I am going on the spring break trip with Mr. Carter. I like watching crime shows and solving puzzles.