The Southern View

Issue #48-- March 22,1868

Women In The War

Confederate Woman

The outbreak of the Civil War challenged traditional American notions of feminine submissiveness and domesticity with hundreds of examples of courage, diligence, and self-sacrifice in battle. The war was a formative moment in the early feminist movement As men’s work moved away from the home and into shops, offices and factories, the household became a new kind of place: a private, feminized domestic sphere, a “haven in a heartless world.”"True Woman" devoted their lives to creating a clean,comfortable, nurturing home for their husband's and children. They too cooked and sewed for their boys. They provided uniforms,blankets, sandbags and other supplies for entire regiments. Thousands of women in the North and South joined volunteer brigades and signed up to work as nurses. They wrote letters to soldiers and worked as untrained nurses in makeshift hospitals. It was the first time in American history that women played a significant role in a war effort. They even cared for wounded soldiers in their homes. The Confederacy had less money and fewer resources than the Union, so they did much of the work on their own or through local auxiliaries and relief societies.Many Southern women, especially wealthy ones, relied on slaves for everything and had never had to do much work. However, even they were forced by the exigencies of wartime to expand their definitions of “proper” female behavior.During the Civil War, women especially faced a host of new duties and responsibilities. For the most part, these new roles applied the ideals of Victorian domesticity to “useful and patriotic ends.” However, these wartime contributions does help expand many women’s ideas about what their “proper place” should be. Jennie Hodgers also known as Albert Cashier of the 95th Illinois Infantry, participated in more than forty engagements. Frances Clayton served with the 4th Missouri Artillery and was wounded at the Battle Of Shiloh and again at the Battle of Stones River. Loreta Janeta Velazquez served the Confederacy as fighter and spy "Lieutenant Harry Buford." Women stood a smaller chance of being discovered than one might think. Most of the people who fought in the war were "citizen soldiers" with no prior military training--men and women alike learned the ways of soldiering at the same pace. Prevailing Victorian sentiments compelled most soldiers to sleep clothed, bathe separately, and avoid public latrines. Heavy, ill-fitting clothing concealed body shape. The inability to grow a beard would usually be attributed to youth.The 1881 manifesto History of Woman Suffrage, written by luminaries Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Matilda Gave, argued vigorously that female front-line service proved that women should be accorded the same rights as male defenders of the republic. The Civil War changed the nation's perception of its citizens' capabilities and catalyzed a new push for equality not only between races, but between genders as well.

Women's Suffrage

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The struggle to woman equality

Women’s lack of equality, opportunities, and rights led to the founding of The National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) and The Seneca Falls ! - This rights that women are claiming are limited and prevent them from voting , and in most cases own a property . Instead of constantly being under a man's authority women now have the day to be in charge of the home, children, hired help and a little personal time, Along the years women got a little lonely at home and realized that they had some degree of impact in church areas. This women's empowerment movement became the beginning of suffrage, which led to the women's movement in order to gain the right of equal pay for equal work, the right to vote and the right to work in the jobs that she was capable. Even though many women agreed with this concept some did not , and many men didn't support it at all. Nowadays education is very minimal for women, schooling is only for men, and if a women wants to go to school she would be looked down upon. Many people started to see that women need some sort of education because they are the ones who raise the children in the home. As a result, many women began to educate themselves in order to better their lives and the lives of their offspring. This was the beginning of all female colleges. These colleges led to educate the woman and to better themselves in the home environment . Reformers such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott ,Susan B. Anthony, and other reformers have been working hard to support and achieve women's equality for every female. As a result this Tuesday abolitionists Stanton and Mott organized the first woman’s rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York. Then Stanton and Anthony discussed the possibility of a woman's rights organization leading to The National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) in order to support women's equality. They also organized the Seneca Falls which also passed The Declaration Of Sentiments. The Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions issued by the Convention, stating that “men and women are created equal.”Due to thhis convention Men inflicted upon women and demanded that women be granted all of the rights and privileges that men possessed, including the right to vote. Which has caused the women's suffrage movement such as equal pay and legal equality. Suffrage quickly became the chief goal of the women's rights movement. Leaders of the movement believed that if women had the vote, they could use it to gain other rights. The suffragists faced strong opposition; The Society Women of Beacon Hill were among the list of oppositions. They saw politics as corrupt, and if women gain the right to vote, then the women themselves would also become corrupt.The Democratic Party is also against the NWSA and other suffrage groups mainly because they were afraid that if women gained the right to vote then black women would follow. This movement has left alot of controversy and the fact that women are still fighting for their rights, they want to be heard until equality is fair among all.

Ku Klux Klan

Founded on December of the year 1865 in Pulaski, Tennessee, the Ku Klux Klan started out as an innocent social club founded by a group of confederate veterans, but is now becoming one of the most recognized and most feared terrorist groups in the southern region.The key to the Klan’s growth ? The South’s violent atmosphere. It has fed the Klan’s strength and size.

The Klan is known to wear white hoods to cover their identities and black or white robes on their bodies and is now nicknamed as “The Invisible Empire of the South”. It is a vigilante group now intimidating southern blacks- and the white citizens supporting them- to prevent them from practicing their basic civil rights. Nicknamed “The Great Wizard” Nathan Bedford Forrest was the first known leader of the Klan. He is an ex-confederate general whose whereabouts are currently unknown. He is not the current Klan’s leader.Anonymous sources have recently given us top secret information of the workings inside the Klan.

Reports show that The Klan is currently spreading among the southern states at an impressive fast rate. Many white southerners from all classes of society have secretly joined their ranks. Examples of this violent atmosphere are the riots. One of the known riots took place in Memphis,Tennessee, 1866, a quarrel between white citizens and black ex-soldiers which resulted in 46 deaths and 70 injured with many churches and schools burned to the ground. Two months later another riot took place on July 30th this time located in New Orleans.

The Klan is currently helping weaken the political power of the southern black population and the republican party. They are trying to restore white supremacy and plant a seed of terror in black communities to prevent them from voting. They do it through violence and intimidation and they are confident enough to not have a limit in their attacks. Riots have been caused by racist activity resulting in many casualties.

Sadly few Klan members have been captured and the information of those who have is currently classified.

Currently more violent activities have been known and they are more frequent. The reason appears to be the upcoming elections . The Klan seems to know that if the blacks are given a chance that they would vote republican , which is exactly what they don’t want.Their actions suggest that they are trying to intimidate or influence the voters, they are using crude violence towards any possible republican voter. Current statistics show that more than 2,000 murders in Kansas can be traced back to the upcoming election.The plan seems to be backfiring though, because Ulysses S. Grant is currently leading the election with his slogan "Let Us Have Peace.” This is because people are starting to realize the danger that the Ku Klux Klan is becoming and the need for stricter and harsher laws to be passed to be able to stop the violence. Inside sources tell us that these laws might just be around the corner.

Sharecropping Opportunity

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ARIES-Things might not feel like they're fitting into place today, Aries, so don't try to press the issue. You may sense a strong desire to escape into fantasyland and never come back.

TAURUS-Your physical vitality is extra strong today, Taurus, although your thoughts may be a little clouded. Someone could strongly object to an action of yours, but realize that their motivation may be a bit skewed. Muster the self-confidence to stand up for yourself at this time.

GEMINI-There could be a bit of confusion in your world today, Gemini. Trying to make sense of what's going on might not be the easiest task. Rational thinking and analytical processes may not be the best way to find the solution.

CANCER-You're asked to spring into action today, Cancer, so don't resist it. Be aware of the fact that things may not be as they seem.

LEO-It might be hard to get to the root of a matter today, Leo. Instead of getting stressed about it, take a long nap sometime this afternoon. Water your plants and read a book.

VIRGO-Enjoy a spirited day in which you indulge in everything your heart desires, Virgo. Your imagination could take you to a whole new realm in which you play the starring role.

LIBRA-You may be feeling especially concerned with others today, Libra. Your thoughts are with the less fortunate. Perhaps you should consider teaming up with a local church.

SCORPIO-Today is an active day for you in which you would do well working with groups of others, Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS-Today is a day to roll with the punches, Sagittarius. Don't take anything too seriously, and refrain from making any major decisions.

CAPRICORN-This could very well be one of those days in which you forget to put on your shoes before heading out the door, Capricorn.

AQUARIUS-The information coming at you today may be clouded and delusional, Aquarius. Take it with a grain of salt. Someone could try to pull the wool over your eyes.

PISCES-Your fantasy world will be especially active today, Pisces, and you should feel free to take off into dreamland.