The Masters Cup

Friendship Taekwondo Tournament

Students from our 3 locations will compete!

All Taekwondo students are welcome! We even have a special event just for our Little Tigers. The events are Forms, Board Breaking, and Sparring. Taekwondo Tournaments are a great way for your child to build confidence and win a trophy or medal. We hope every student from Master Kim's Taekwondo Education can be there!! Last day to register is Friday, September 18th.

The Masters Cup

Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 8:30am

78 Ridge Rd

Canton, GA

Hopewell Baptist Church Gym

8:30 am Doors Open

9:00 am Waive 1 begins (Blue to Black Belt)

11:30am Break and Demo by the Won's

Speed kick - all kids are welcome

Special Match - Master Won vs Master Kim in a sparring match

12:15pm Waive 2 (White to Green Belt)

3:00 pm Closing