Arctic Light K-5

Do Good Work, Be a Friend, Every Day - September 19th, 2022

Upcoming Events:

  • Sept 30th - District PD Day: NO SCHOOL
  • Oct 4th - Local Election
  • Oct 6th - EVAC Drill to SAS at 1:15pm
  • Oct 7th - Pastries and Principal 8am in Commons
  • Oct 7th - Winter Gear Swap in Commons
  • Oct 14th - End of First Quarter, EARLY OUT. Students go home at 1:30pm
  • Oct 14th - Fall Festival

Principal's Message - Keep Building a Successful School Year

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Open House last week. When everyone understands the student's learning expectations and progress, the student makes faster gains. Data from AIMs, MAP, and iReady assessments helps direct the teachers instruction so it is at the student's learning level. As parents, hold on to these data points so you can track your child's growth.

We collected data through a parents survey about our Title One programing. Though we traditionally have full Title One Funding, this year we have only a fraction. We expect to be fully funding next year based on our Free/ Reduced Meal Percentage.

Data from the Fall Parent Title One Survey Revealed:

  • We had 37 responses from our 467 students. This is an actual good return.
  • Only half of our parents know how we qualify for Title One Funding - which comes from our Free/ Reduced Meal Percentage on
  • Parents want lessons on SPED, ADHD, and Bullying - ok.
  • Evenings are when they mostly want to meet - good for our family events.
  • Some parents asked for more of the 'Arts' in our school - sounds good to me.

What we plan to do:

  • Begin Pastries and Principal to teach topics of interest: Oct 7th is the first
  • Continue with our School-wide Events and Family Evenings
  • Promote our Art Night our kiln for great holiday gifts

On October 6th, at 1:15pm, we have an Evacuation Drill To SAS. This Off-Site Drill gives us a warm place to rally when it is too cold to wait outside. Thank you SAS.

  • This fall teachers will conduct short assessments for students using DESSA. More information is coming about this program used to meet student SEL needs.

  • PTA Penny Wars - wildly successful though some classrooms have more silver than copper. Keep it Up Ms Tickett & Ms Humphreys!!! See bulletin board in Commons for current standings.
  • Classroom Gift Basket Silent Auction - for the Fall Festival on Oct 14th. Your classroom teacher will be asking for donations. The funds raised support classroom activities.

Remember for your school menu and application for free/ reduced meals. These applications are what fund our Title I educational programs.

Keep in touch.

Do Good Work, Be a Friend, Every Day.

Principal Keener

Arctic Light Student Handbook 2022-2023

Save this link to search for useful school information.

Excusing Absences

Hello ARC Families,

I just wanted to share some information regarding attendance. Parents or guardians have 48 hours to excuse their students' absence. You can excuse absences by calling Arctic Light or emailing your teacher and they will forward the information to me. These are the best ways to excuse absences to ensure that any paper notes do not get lost or forgotten in backpacks.

Kara Ames - Attendance Secretary

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PTA Corner

Our PTA is supporting quite a few school events. Let them or our office know if you'd like to participate.

  • Penny Wars
  • Winter Gear Swap, Oct 7th
  • Fall Festival Door Decorations
  • Fall Festival, Oct 14th 1700-1900
  • PTA Giving Tree
  • Classroom Silent Auction of Gift Baskets
  • Pastries and Principal
  • Classroom Support
  • and much more.

Here is the direct link for you to shop from for the Amazon Smiles fundraiser

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Big picture Free/ Reduced Meal Application

Takes a few minutes - can save you a bundle and support our school's academic programs

Nutritional Services

Sept 19th-23rd is Blue - ~ - Sept 26th-30th is Green

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Laughter is Medicine

Which president was the least guilty?

Lincoln. He is in a cent.

What do you call two people in an ambulance?

A pair of medics.

Why are rivers always rich?

Because they have two banks.

What's the best time to go to the dentist?

Tooth hurty.

Parents Guide to the Curriculum

One of the best guides to our grade level teaching expectations.

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Alaska 'District' Report Card for FNSBSD

This link goes to the State Report Card for FNSBSD

Alaska Report Card for Arctic Light K-8

This link goes to the State Report Card for Arctic Light

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