American Revolution Research

BY: Ariana Yang Henson APLAC 1

Boston Massacre

  • key event that led the colonial public to focus mainly on the Patriotic side
  • this event in the American Revolution was an effect of efforts and attempts of the Townshend Acts

African Americans

Although there was a lot of conflict and favoritism in the choosing between the two sides, the African Americans cared most about freedom and not much about whether the Loyalists or Patriots were more right in one way or another. Whichever army that the African Americans decided to defend and stand by ensured them liberty.


  • Americans that felt as if they weren't being treated as fairly as the British
  • had many concerns and brought up taxation without representation
  • had continental meetings to discuss the initiatives they should take forth with all of these unequal rights


  • Britain was the most powerful empire in the world
  • had their property seized
  • under personal attacks by the Patriots

Common Sense

Common Sense was a document written by Thomas Paine convincing the Patriots to gain strength and courage to separate from the British rule.