Charmed Ones Update (01/20/13)

Important Updates from the Nest, Our Upline, and ME :)

Happy New Year!!

I know we're 20 days in, but if I haven't said it already - Happy New Year :) We had an amazing 2012 and 2013 is going to hold AMAZING things for this team. As always, I'm so glad to have you on this adventure with me! Remember to set goals for yourself. If you don't set goals then how will you know where you're going?? ;)

Team Calendar

Heidi Russell - our direct to corporate and the lady with the biggest team in the company! - has started a team calendar. Here you will find the important calls throughout the month. Please remember calls are for Designers only - and some are for Team Leader and up or Director and up..etc.

Want to add them to your own calendar? EASY! Use your google email address (or quickly make one) - click on the event - and click on "add to calendar." Then you can set alerts to come to your google email or even set up SMS text message alerts. If you have an iphone or android you can also have the events added right to your device's calendar. Let me know if you need help!

First EVER Origami Owl Conference!

Origami Owl conference will be July 12-13 (could be into the 14th is what I've heard) in Phoenix, Arizona!!! Registration will begin in February and the "early owl" registration cost is $175. There is a block of hotel rooms at the Sheraton in downtown Phoenix for $99 a night. The nest suggests we get in on Thursday to be there for early Friday afternoon.

You are NOT going to want to miss this!! O2 events are absolutely amazing. You will come back feeling rejuvenated and ready to hit the ground running all over again with your business! I hope that we will at least have 10 or more Charmed Ones there. I know I'll be there!! And who knows maybe we'll just have to make some fun team gear...hmmm ;)

This is all the information we know so far but I'm sure more will be coming in a couple weeks. Either way - start looking at flights - and definitely get a room booked! You don't have to pay until that weekend for the room!

Party Tab

According to the other leaders - we should not be placing orders through the party tab right now... they are working on making it more reliable.

New Designer Webinar!

Wednesday, Jan 30th, 9-10pm


On January 30th, another Senior Team Leader & I will be putting on a webinar for new designers! This is your time to ask questions and learn a lot of the basics for Origami Owl. Please note that this webinar has limited space (it will be recorded) and is ONLY open to designers who signed in December or January. <3 Hope to see you there!

Maine (& Charmed Ones) Designer Dinner!

Saturday, Feb 9th, 6-8pm

180 Center Street

Auburn, ME

Our February Dinner will be the 9th at 6:00! This is open to anyone that is a designer in Maine by that date and any other Charmed Ones designer that can make it! This is totally low-key - just a nice time to socialize with your fellow designers. This will also be our first get together after Lori, Sarah, Cori, and I go to Nashville - you won't want to miss the inside scoop!

DIW Wave Update

On the 22nd the nest will be sending out 2500 invites to DIWs to join!! It is clear that they working hard to end the wait list. DIWs - be sure to check your number on the tracker Monday evening. Mentors - be sure to check in with your DIWs that should be getting links Monday night and then again on Tuesday! DIWs - please keep us updated on when you plan to sign or if you aren't able to at this time. We can't wait to have you join our team!!! <3

Product Availability


Just 11 days left in the month!! Be sure to check your sales. Remember you'll get $25 in hoot loot for every $250 in personal volume within a calendar month. So if you're right on the edge then perhaps order some more charms or tags for your display so you get that free product next month! Hoot Loot will be credited to your account on February 10th!

Leaders! Don't forget to check the career plan and to see where you are in sales to make sure you reach your minimum PV to maintain your rank and make your override. $250 for Leading Designers with 1 first level designer with $99 PV+ and a $500 group volume. $500 for Team Leaders with 3 first level designers with $99PV+ and a group volume of $1500.

Enjoy the rest of your January!!! Expect an update next week after Nashville!!! <3