Digital Citizenship project

Ryan B., period 3

Rule #1: Be NICE!

Digital Etiquette is being nice online and this is important because it involves how everyone sees you online and it is kind of like rules for how to talk to people online.

Rule #2: Don't believe everything!

Information policy is something you do because you don't give information up for anything that doesn't look reliable or something that might not be truthful.

Rule #3: Only chat with people who are your friends

Social networking is being social online and talking to your friends or anyone but make sure that you only talk to people you know.

Rule #4: Don't share your personal information

Online safety is important because you need to follow it and don't share your information with anyone because it will backfire.

Rule #5: Don't say anything online that can hurt someone

Cyber bulling is just as bad as regular bulling so don't do it and even if it's a harmless joke they don't know that.

Rule #6: Don't copy other peoples things

Plagiarism is copying peoples work or work that isn't yours and using it in any way that makes it look like you made it.

Rule #7: Keep your own work and don't take others

Copyright is the right for you work and it can't be copied by someone unless they have there permission.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is having Citizenship online. You have to follow rules like the ones above. You have to be a good person too online. Don't troll people or cyberbully people. Being online is a gift don't ruin it and don't ever copy peoples things because that is illegal don't forget that. I don't own your life so I can't make you do these things so it is your choice but I would chose it wisely.
Be a Digital Citizen