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Nullification Crisis

In the Nullification Crisis the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 were passed and South Carolina tried to nullify them and not pay. When South Carolina didn't pay, a bill was passed to force them to pay. To really enforce them to pay the tariff, the army was sent in by Jackson. In the end South Carolina threatens to succeed from the U.S, and so the tariff is lowered and South Carolina agrees to pay.

"Spoils System"

The"Spoils System" is rewarding people with government jobs who help you get elected. This would've benefited Jackson because if Jackson helped them get a job in the long run if he ran again they would stick with him and support him. A bad thing about this is if they ran out of jobs people would get mad and go nuts. Another bad thing is everyone who got a job wasn't necessarily qualified for it, which could destroy the U.S.

Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act was an act that allowed the U.S government to exchange the Indians land with less desirable land West of the Mississippi. Jackson was the one who signed this into a law. The Indians were not happy because they had to move, and some people got separated and it wasn't fair for them. Also the land they moved to wasn't so great, especially compared to their old land which also made them very angry.


The cartoon shows Jackson as a king, stomping on the constitution, because after his veto of the Bank of United States bill, his opponents accused him of abusing his Presidential powers.
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Letter From A Poor Southern Farmer

Jackson? What do I think about him? Well he's an absolutely great man! I think Jackson is great because if you look at the "Spoils System" my man got all me and my buddies jobs just for supporting him, what more could we ask for? Also is you want to look at the Indian Removal Act you'll see his smarts workin' in all kinds of ways, he moved the Indians with no harm and got us ore land so I can farm more! Lastly he understands what it's like to be poor and just barley getting bye, so he knows just how to help us, he's a great man!

Letter From A Native American

Jackson? What do I think about him? Worst man ever, stupid guy can't just do things because he wants to. You wanna get me started on the Indian Removal Act? Okay, let me start with the fact that I HAVE A FAMLY AND MOVING US GOT US SEPERATED! How would you like it if I took you away from your home, moved you far away and separated you from your family? Let me tell you this now I live a sad and lonely life, thanks Jackson. Also why in the world would you just one day out of the blue want to move us? We did nothing why do you have to do this you big ol' nut head?