Smashing Tsunamis

You better be prepared or else!!!!!!

Interesting Introduction

Every 10 or 12 years is usually when really destructive Tsunamis happen. The movement on the sea floor releases energy causing huge waves to form. There always is more than one wave when a tsunami hits. A Tsunami is more likely caused by an underwater earthquake or a volcanic eruption.

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Deadly Devastation

The deeper the water the faster and bigger the Tsunami will be. Sometimes it looks like huge wave walls. Sometimes, but rarely, tsunamis can also be caused by underwater landslides. The speed decreases as it gets close to the coast and the height of the waves increases. When the Tsunami hits the coast it will knockout houses, buildings, power lines, roads, flip over cars and boats, knock over railroad cars, tear down bridges, and may cause fires and kill thousands of people.

Safe Safety Plans

One safety plan is to move to high grounds. Go far from where the Tsunami is happening. Listen to the radio and TV for information. If a Tsunami is happening bring a battery operated radio, canned food and a can opener, bottled water and a flashlight. Stay out of a building with water around it. Open windows and doors to let water flow. Check for hazards such as fire.

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Frightening Facts

Tsunami is the Japanese word “Harbour wave”. Tsunamis get as tall as 100 feet. Hawaii is more likely to get hit with a Tsunami. Alaska can also get hit with a Tsunami. The Indian Ocean Tsunami was the worst in 2004. It affected 11 countries and over 250 000 people died.

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