All About me

BY Lily Kisch



  • Basketball
  • My dog
  • Golf
  • soccar


i played when i was in kindergarden i started soccer i enjoy it as a pass time. not a serious sport.

My school subject strenghts.

  • social studies
  • science
  • reading

Ways i am smart

  • ways i am smart
  • i am body
  • people
  • thinking smart

My Learning stlyes

- Self: i can learn by myself by studing and working by myself.

-Reading: I learn better by reading the information than just being told,

Holland code

My Holland code is investigation because i can investigate and figure out the problems of the situation of the problem.

Forensic science technition salary and education

Salary: in wisconsin very high chance to get a job: salary 34,510-73,250 per year

National salary: 32,200-85,00 per year


-bachelors in...

Chemistry , Biology, Physics, Forensic Technology

-Masters in...

Forensic science,criminology,criminal science

Majors & degrees

biochemistry,biophysics,forensic science,criminalistics,criminal science.

6-8 years in college