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R.L. Stevenson Elementary School of the Arts

January 14th, 2022

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Eagle Scout Project

Mr. DeVries suggested An Eagle Scout project to Aaron Hubbard to help us beautify our campus. He was about to start his final project for his Eagle Scout and he and his father came in and talked to Mrs. Fleeger and Mrs. Sonberg. Mrs. Sonberg had ALL the kids at Stevenson paint something on the tops of them (since we are a school for the arts). So the benches were taped off and the kids could quickly left their creative mark on each bench. Then Aaron took the boards and built each bench. II was super magical hearing the kids today at car loop say "that is the one I painted."

R.L. Stevenson's Mission and Vision

Stevenson’s Mission:

To inspire students to strive for excellence through a rigorous, academic and arts-integrated curriculum in

a safe, equitable learning community.

Stevenson’s Vision:

Exemplify excellence in cognition, character, and creativity.

From Mrs. Fleeger and Mrs. Vanderpool

Happy New Year!!! We are so pleased to be back to school! We hope that you had a relaxing winter break. We have already started the new year very busy and when looking at our calendar it doesn't look like it is going to let up soon!

The week of the 16th will be all about Science Fair and the following week is our Celebrate Literacy Week. Mrs. Barrons has organized some fun events!! In this newsletter and in my Blackboard message is the link for Literacy in the Arts night. Be sure to sign up!! We will also have children's author Margaret Livermore visiting our K-2 students. She has devoted her writing to the Indian River Lagoon.

We have a new member to our Stevenson family. Jessica Galloway is our new IT Tech! Welcome Ms. Galloway!!

Thanks so much for reading our newsletter. We hope you find it informative. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email or call.

Mrs. Fleeger and Mrs. Vanderpool

Important Dates

Monday, 17th

MLK Holiday

Student/Teacher Holiday

Tuesday, 18th

Science Fair Projects Due

SAC/Parent Fundraising Group Meeting


Thursday, 20th

Science Fair Awards 5:00pm

Friday, 21st

Out of Uniform Day


ERD 2:15

Monday, 24th to January 28th

Celebrate Literacy Week

Wednesday, 26th

K-2 Author Visit to Stevenson

Margaret Livermore

Literacy in the Arts Night


Thursday, 27th

Character Awards

Friday, 28th

Club Picture Day

Grade Level Happenings


The Kindergarten had an exciting December integrating Social Studies and ELA. We read stories about Gingerbread and used mapping skills to find the lost Gingerbread Man. We also studied Holidays Around the World. We concluded this study with a craft and food from each of the major holidays we studied.

In Math, we learned measurement skills for height, length, and weight.

In Science, we studied objects in the sky and patterns of day and night.

It has been exciting to see all of the growth our students have made on the Kindergarten Literacy Survey as well as the End of Module Math Assessment.

First Grade

Happy New Year! It was so great to see all of the students and to get back into our school procedures again. Before break the students took a District reading assessment and our school average was an 83% which exceeded the district average of 74%. Way to go first grade! Keep on Reading!

Third Grade

Students have had a wonderful return to school since Christmas break. We are learning about technology advancements through time, famous pirates in the Caribbean, and area of shapes. Before winter break students participated in an end of module test for unit 3 in math. This unit was a 25 day module that built directly on students' work with multiplication and division in Module 1. Module 3 had new factors in it and allows students to build fluency with facts. All students across Brevard County participated in this assessment. Stevenson's third graders scored an average score of 88%. This is much higher than the district passing average of 49%. We know that this is a result of hard work by our kids and dedication at home to learning those multiplication facts. Way to go third grade!

Fourth Grade

Greetings families,

Welcome back to school! We hope you all had a wonderful Winter break and enjoyed some quality time with loved ones. We are ready to kick off the second part of the school year with a fresh renewed spirit and an energetic spring in our step! We have an abundance of fun and exciting learning goals this month and we are so pumped and ready to continue down our path of academic excellence. Let us welcome 2022 with open arms!

For Math, we are transitioning into fractions. Specifically, we will look at equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, adding fractions, and subtracting fractions. In Reading, we will analyze a text by understanding an author’s perspective, and how they support it with reasons and evidence cited within the passage. We will also review text structure, using context clues to identify unknown word meanings, and figurative language. For Social Studies, we will explore the well-known and highly respected landmark of St. Augustine and its significance to our history. Lastly, for Science, we are comparing and contrasting life cycles and classifying them as complete or incomplete metamorphosis based upon their stages.

We are planning a project for Social Studies and am looking for an abundance of cardboard. If you have any, please send it in with your child as soon as possible! As always, we appreciate all your support and am so thankful to be back with your kiddos!

Wishing you well,

The 4th grade team

Fifth Grade

Our Penguins continue to dominate the Brevard Public Schools average for the End of Module 3 Math Assessment. Stevenson students scored a combined average of 86.5 % correct and the BPS average was 65.1%. I am so proud of the hard work our students demonstrate. Currently, we are working in Module 4-Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions. Our End of Module 4 Assessment is scheduled for February 23, 2022.

In Science, students are learning about the human body and ways to keep it health. We are also comparing our body structures to plant structures. In Social Studies, we have established our colonies and will soon be on the road to the Revolution.

The Gifted Program Update

We begin the new year with a new school wide project. As a whole, I wanted our Gifted Students to focus on developing and support their research. This skill is important as we try and develop autonomous thinkers. To do, this grades 3 – 6 will be conducting their own formal debates, with the highlight being the 5th -vs- 6th grade debate. What is the topic you ask? Are solar panels a positive technology. Our students will research their position and develop their ideas to support their positions. We will then conduct a formal debate.

After our debate, we will use the information to draft formal letters to local government officials seeking guidance on getting solar panels installed in our school. We will be working closely with Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa in hopes of at least becoming familiar with the process. If anyone is familiar with the process, we would greatly appreciate any assistance you could provide. Please contact me at

In February, we will expand on a project we accomplished last year for Black History Month. We will again focus on the impact the African Culture has had on our modern-day arts. We will also focus on a subject a little closer to home as we study about the Southern Underground Railroad. We will be sending home more information about both of these projects shortly.

Mr. Hattal

Gifted Teacher

Our New IT Tech, Jessica Galloway!!

My name is Jessica Galloway and I’m super excited to be Stevenson’s new IT Tech! My first day was the 10th and all the kids and teachers have been so amazing welcoming me. I’m looking forward to working with everyone here for as long as they’ll keep me around! I have a background in graphic design and digital marketing, so this is my first “official” step into the tech side of things. Since the above usually come with tech and troubleshooting basics, I’m already off to a great start! My daughter, Lilah, is an 8th grader at Jackson in Titusville, so I’m a BPS parent also. I’m super familiar with Focus and navigating the apps and tech that both kids and parents might access at home. If you ever need anything, you can reach me at 321-454-3555 X51814 or, even better, email me at!

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The Horticultural Club January Update:

There is not much to update this month as we do some maintenance on the gardens and prepare them for the Spring. We are planning some expansions including at least one more raised bed and an Herb Garden. We also look forward to another shipment of Florida Wildflowers.

If you wish to join the Horticultural Club, just ask Mr. Hattal for an application, or join us on Tuesday mornings at 8:00 over by the PAB. If you would like to contribute to our club, we are in need of organic potting soil, black cow, and peatmoss. We could also use some 4 x 4 x 8 edging timbers. You can email Mr. Hattal at

Celebrate Literacy Week

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Children's Author is visiting Stevenson!!

On Wednesday, January 26th we will have children's author visiting our K-2 students to present the stories she has written about the Indian River Lagoon. We are so lucky to have her visit!! Big thanks to Mrs. Palermo for setting this up for us!

Books written by Margaret Livermore

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Sign-up sheet for Literacy in the Arts Night

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Speaking of Reading.....

Look at the Reading Growth of some of our Stevenson Students!! We are so proud of them!!
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Stevenson's Uniform

We take great pride in our school and one way that we show this is through the school uniform. Lately, we have noticed that some of our students have strayed away from our uniform guidelines. Below you will find reminders of the guidelines for wearing the Stevenson uniform. We are going to help you as well. When students have strayed away from our uniform policy we will help by providing a reminder as to what needs to be corrected.

Uniform Policy 2020-2021

School Board Policy

Brevard School Board Policy 6Gx5-2.04 states: The standards of appearance for pupils shall insure that the pupils be clean, neat, and properly dressed. They shall observe modes of dress and standards of personal grooming which are in conformity with the studious atmosphere and good personal hygiene necessary in schools.

Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School of the Arts Uniform Policy

Students are required to wear the official school uniform to Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School of the Arts by the assigned vendor ALL UNIFORM WEAR


The benefits of wearing our school uniform include:

o Improved group behavior

o Encourage pride

o Develops more self-confidence and discipline

o More focus on school work

o Makes students feel that they belong

Uniform Components

It is required that uniforms will be purchased from ALL UNIFORM WEAR located at:

2585 W. New Haven Avenue Wrest Melbourne, FL 32940, phone number (321) 608-3845.

Substitutes and “look a-likes” are not permitted. The school uniform core components for R.L.S consists of:

· Boy Bottom – Khaki shorts or pants.

· Girls Bottom – Khaki shorts, long pants, Capri pants or skorts.

· Boy & Girl Top – Short or long sleeve polo shirt in burgundy or light blue with school emblem

· Turtleneck shirts or colored tee shirts are not permitted under uniform shirt. White short-sleeve tee shirts are permitted under uniform shirt.

· Navy cardigan, hooded sweatshirt, or fleece jacket with or without logo may be worn.

· Brown or black belt will be worn with all shorts and pants that have been made with belt loops. Elastic waist pants/shorts do not require a belt.

· Laced shoes – sneakers or dress shoes (Not boots). Shoelaces must be the same color as shoes and be tied at all times.

· Other Accessories – solid white or solid black socks must be ankle length and visible Tights (black or white) are acceptable. Hair accessories (headbands, scrunches, or hair bows) in solid white.

The bolded items are the uniform policies that are not followed the most. Shirts are expected to be tucked in at all times with the exception of Kindergarten.