LPE Showcase

May 20, 2016

May 20th, 2016

Please take a moment to check out the projects that our students from PreK to 5th grade have worked on throughout the year! You will find educational videos explaining a grade's project, videos of pictures from the class, and much more!

LPE Showcase

Friday, May 20th, 8am-2:30pm

11801 Sonoma Drive

Austin, TX

Schedule for today

Each grade level will have a schedule to follow to allow them to view the projects in the different locations of the building.


Prekindergarten is the foundation year for exploring a wide variety of materials and for making discoveries about color, shape, and texture through art experiences. They learn to express what they know and begin to recognize how others express themselves through art. They also begin to gain control of fine motor muscles and practice hand-eye coordination. In the Pre-K murals, you can see the skills we have been working on all year. The children created plants, birds, and insects. They used all of the skills they have learned in order to complete these projects. Wow! They have come so far since the first day!
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“All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten”

Our classes read excerpts from the book

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

by Robert Fulghum. The students then compared the information, read with the knowledge that they have learned this year, and realized they learned a lot of meaningful lessons in Kindergarten.

1st grade

Animal Research Projects

First graders proudly present their animal research projects!

Students in each class chose a different animal to investigate. They gathered information from a variety of sources including books, magazines, and online resources. Next, they organized their information to create reports about appearance, habitat, diet, predators, and fun facts. In addition, students made diagrams and food chains depicting their chosen animals. This comprehensive project allowed first graders to develop their skills in science, reading, writing, and technology usage, while they became experts in their fields of study.

Readers' Theater

2nd grade

Community Projects

In Social Studies, the 2nd graders studied community landmarks and good citizens. The students recreated the cities of Austin and Bee Cave using different landmarks including bridges, parks, statues, and buildings. They also created replications of people who show good citizenship such as teachers, parents, grandparents, athletes, and government officials. This was a fun way to learn about the communities that we live in as well!

Biography Projects

Our researching second graders spend several weeks reading biographies. They explored the impact of these individuals had on society and the world around them. They then choose the person they found most interesting to share with their classmates. Check out these pictures and the video showcasing the different projects!

Build an Insect

The 2nd graders spent time investigating some of the unique stages insects undergo during their life cycle. They observed, recorded, and compared the physical characteristics of insects including butterflies and ladybugs. After students understood what an insect was and what was needed to be an insect, they put their creativity and knowledge into the creation of their own insect. The students also wrote shape poems to describe their insect that they created.

3rd grade

Culture Dolls

In social studies, third grade students have been learning about immigration. Students did an independent study on his or her family's cultural history and heritage. Then, they designed a doll to reflect the country of which his or her family originated from.

Solar System

Third grade has been studying The Solar System in science. As a part of this unit, students were challenged to research a planet of our solar system and design a 3D model representing that planet.

4th grade

Living Museum

Each 4th grader read about the life of a famous Texan, American, or person from another part of the world. Here you can see the biography research project in an exciting living museum presentation. Each child has created a poster that will display aspects of their famous person's life. They also dress in costume to portray their chosen individual by stepping into their famous person's life and sharing what they have learned.
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5th grade

Virtue Flags

Mrs. Bales homeroom

Mrs. Carnes' homeroom

Mrs. Malicki's Homeroom

Mrs. Aguillon's Homeroom

Mrs. Bishop's Homeroom

A big thank you to Mrs. Malicki's dad for serving our country and visiting our school!

Math Sculpture Project

The students were asked to design a 3-D sculpture as a class using rectangular prisms that has a volume that is no more than 13,824 cubic inches and no less than 8 cubic inches.

Each face of the prism must be decorated to represent attributes that represent who you are and what is important in your life. Each face of the rectangular prism represents one of the six important events.

When everyone brought their decorated rectangular prism into class, 5 huge sculptures were created. Each of these are how our fifth graders are unique and different from each other and we discovered that we are more alike than we thought! As a class, we will calculate the total volume of the overall sculptures.

5th grade Science Fair

Rick the Science Guy

Different videos from Rick's visits to our school

Adapt a Pilot- Captain Callen

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Captain Callen, retired from Southwest Airlines, visited with different grade levels and spoke about the Adapt a Pilot Program.

Design a tie Contest

Students are able to design a tie for a contest. The winning tie will be worn by all of the Southwest Airline pilots for a year and the name of the designer will be featured on the tie. Please return all tie templates to Mrs. Carnes by May 27th so that they she may mailed them off to Southwest Airlines!
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Student Council

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Gifted and Talented

On Thursday, the GT program hosted a robotic showcase for all of the elementary campuses. Here are a few pictures from the showcase of LPE students.

Physical Education


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