Huntingtons disease

A project by Dakota Fersch

Basic Info

Huntingtons disease is a disease that occurs in your 30s or 40s and its a mutated disease you do not get it from your parents. Adults are affected by this disease its very rare for a child to get it. This disease is one that messes with your brain so you'll have hallucinations.


Some symptoms are: Paranoia, Hallucinations and behavior disturbance. The daily life is to live with depression until death and with other symptoms. The life expectancy is less than 10 years. so you live with this disease for less than 10 years than you'll end up dying. behavior disturbance is a symptom and it messes with your behavior so you'll be mad sad or angry. Another symptom is hallucinations so you will see stuff thats not actually there like a unicorn.

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The mutation is MHTT- It has different functions to it like hallucinations. It affects chromosome 4 so you can get different kind of cancers like leukemia. The Gene is Huntington Gene.
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There is no actual cure to get rid of the disease but there are stuff for the symptoms like antidepressants and xenazine
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Other intresting facts

This disease can occur as a child but its very rare to happen.