Tech Tidbits From Your ITS {2016-2017 v.18}

Integrating Technology: More Than Having Computers

Because technology is a seamless part of our students' lives, it should a seamless part of their schooldays as well. Technology should not be something that happens once in awhile when it is project time. Instead, consider a few ways to extend student learning by using technology - and having students use technology - without taking away from core subject time.

  1. Do you talk about weather each morning? Take an extra minute to visit The Weather Channel, WavyTV, or USA Today for the full-day and extended forecasts. If you have a bit of extra time, or can relate it to geography, check out the weather in other parts of the country or the world!
  2. Have the kids use Google Slides to create a collaborative review throughout the lesson. Everyday after the lesson, have one student summarize the main takeaway in one sentence. The student can take a picture (either of students work, a picture from a textbook, or upload a relevant image) and add it to the slide. At the end of the unit you have a student-made collaborative slideshow of the important pieces!
  3. Let someone else do the talking. Use video clips from BrainPOP, YouTube or TED to break up the routine and enhance your lesson. Even a short video to elicit a giggle from the students gives them a chance to refocus.

February 23, 2017 Digital Learning Day!

Digital Learning Day is February 23rd. Digital Learning Day was started as a way to actively spread innovative practices and ensure that all youth have access to high-quality digital learning opportunities no matter where they live. This year's focus for Digital Learning Day is Digital Citizenship. For more information about Digital Learning Day click here.

VB Digital Citizen resource site

Seesaw has some resources here and here.

BrainPOP has several videos with activities too.

I also have a digital breakout on being a good Digital Citizen.

Google Slides Tip!

When using Google Slides, you'll see the film strip to the left of your current slide. A simple way to add a new slide is to click on one of those slides and hit "enter". A new slide will be added! Easy peasy!

What's Been Happening?

  • Ms. StClair's 4th graders worked independently in small group on their Ecology Playlists. They navigated quickly through areas they were confident in and spent more time in areas where they needed more help. A self-check at the end told them where in the playlist they should go back and review. @WindsorWoods
  • Ms. Cameron's 3rd graders used Educreations to create their own White Board lessons on the geometric shapes around the school! @WindsorWoods
  • Ms. North's 1st graders learned how to change their own passwords! @WindsorWoods
  • Ms. North's 1st graders discovered Tumblebooks and were able to listen to stories and quiz themselves after. @WindsorWoods
  • Ms. Wasilewski's 2nd graders put their Weather Research into an eBook using Wixie. Each student wrote a page for the book based on the research. The next day, we worked during small group to record the students reading their page so their eBook can also be an audio book! @Malibu
  • Ms. Cornwell's 5th grade students gave themselves some love on Valentine's day with their All About Myself-ie poems! Students wrote poems about themselves and used the webcam feature in Google Drawings to insert an image of themselves into the poem. @Malibu
  • Ms. Dorn's 5th grade students used Google Drawings to enhance some of the poetry they had been writing in class. They used the webcam on the laptops to snap pictures of themselves or their poetry to insert. They also used the Google Search feature built into Google Drawings to add images that enhance the poem. @WindsorWoods

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