December 12: School News

K- 8 Field Trip: School Day at McKale Center: December 14th

Hi Everyone!

The big day is fast approaching :-)

Lunches can be brought into the stadium and eaten at any point during the game, I would recommend bringing a bag lunch with as much disposable items as possible for convenience sake. They did say we could bring in a bin with lunch boxes and keep it in our seating area. Also, all of the concession stands will be open if students want to bring money and purchase drinks and food.

We are still looking for chaperones.

It will be a fun day!!

Painting the Loft:

Hi, I'm Sofia and I'm in 5th grade at the Upper School. Me and my friends Annie (6th) and Daniela (5th) are doing a purpose project for our community. We have decided to focus on painting the loft at the Lower School. All parents know that paint is very expensive, so we are asking you to please donate white, gray and black paint. Please only donate paint from a can, not spray paint. Also, it would be very helpful if you would please donate paint brushes, primer, paint tape, caution tape, paint rollers, cooking tins and sandpaper. If you bring these to the school you can bring them to the office on the Lower School side and tell Gianni they're for "purpose project loft." Thank you.

CivanoArts 17/18 Reminder

2017 is almost over! If you haven't made a contribution or need to catch up, now is the time to do it so that your gift can be deducted from your 2017 taxes. You can submit your donation payable to Civano Community School with Community Donation Fund clearly marked in the memo. Questions? Stephanie Mitchell,

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Socks and Underwear Drive for Aviva Children's Services

We are proud to be collecting socks and underwear for the Aviva Children's Services foundation again this year. The Aviva Foundation supports kids going into the foster care system. Many of these children leave their homes with no more than a plastic garbage bag of their possessions. Please consider picking up an extra pack of socks or underwear during your holiday shopping. They especially need supplies for older kids and teenagers.

Does anything look familiar? Come by the lost and found to see if anything belongs to your child. All items will be donated during Winter Break. Thank You

Feed My Starving Children Fundraiser

We are raising funds for Feed My Starving Children this year by collecting quarters. Each student was given a tube of mini-M&M's. Here are the directions:

1. Eat the M&M's

2. Fill the tube with quarters

3. Return to the front office by January

Each tube will hold $14 worth of quarters which will make 63 meals!

Upper School STEM Challenges: Supplies Needed

Dear Parents,

The upper school kids will be working through some STEM problem-solving challenges in the coming weeks and it will be really helpful to have lots of interesting building materials on hand. If you can donate any of the following items please send them to school with your kids or drop them off at the office.

Thank you very much!

Jana & Joanna





plastic lids

bottle caps

rubber bands

twist ties


small containers (such as yogurt or butter)


cardboard scraps

bubble wrap

plastic wrap


cardboard tubes (paper towel or toilet paper)


popsicle (craft) sticks

plastic bottles


small scraps of wood

various types of tape



paper clips


tissue paper


packing “popcorn/peanuts”


pipe cleaners

any type of wheel


gum drops


bar erasers

small dixie cups

index cards


plastic spoons

binder clips


December Lunch Help Needed: Please sign up at this link

6th - 8th Grade Dance at Vail Innovation Center

Hello Middle School Families,

We now have tickets available at Civano with Gianni in the front office. They are $5 ahead of time ($7 at the door) and checks can be made out to Vail Blended Learning.

The Vail Innovation Center has planned a Winter Fest Dance on Friday, December 15th for their students AND our students!! All 6th-8th grade students are invited to attend. Find the details below:

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Mark your calendars:

  • December 14th - Field trip to McKale Center
  • December 15th - Winter Fest at Vail Innovation Center for 6th-8th Graders
  • December 22nd - Talent show and 1/2 Day all students dismissed at 12:00
  • December 23rd - January 7th - Winter Break
  • January 8th - Back to school!