Jem is maturing

Jem does a lot of growing up in the book. At the beginning we see him, Scout, and Dill obsessed with their quest to get Boo to come outside. As Jem matures more, we see that he is starting to see Boo as a person, not just a myth they have been told about. At the end of chapter 6, Jem has found his pants roughly stitched up, lying over the fence for him. He begins to think Boo had a hand in doing this. When Jem and Scout start receiving gifts in the tree, Jem knows this is the way to communicate with the elusive Boo.

Jeremy Atticus Finch

Jem plays a role in the book the emphasizes age and a person race doesn't mean a person doesn't know right from wrong in the story Jem has a father that is an attorney and his father has a case defending a black man that was accused of raping a white women, back in those times whites and blacks had so much towards one another but that didn't change

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