Women & Children on the Goldfields

By Harrison


Back in the gold rush error there were not many women on the goldfields. The wealthy Bendigo goldfields was found by a woman.Women work on the goldfields were washing the miners clothes. Many women died on the goldfields giving birth to there children.

Roles And Responsibilities

Some women were shopkeepers on the goldfields. Most women stayed home with their children because on the goldfields their were no place for women. Some women also were helping their husbands digging for alluvial gold which is panning and shafting for gold under ground looking for the big pieces of gold. Some women also sold jam, flour, mutton, tea, washing, ironing and cooking. Some women were also entertainers for the miners on the goldfields.

Some children on the goldfields were at work panning helping their parents for money. Some children would do chores for their parents like fetching wood carrying and gathering water for their parents. They would also assist to do the laundry weekly. The girls on the goldfields would sew, iron and cook at the ages of 10 to 12.

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Children moved schools often, as parents kept moving to find richer goldfields. Often there was no schooling because there was no school built. Schools were made from tent and the roof was made from a canvas material. Most children didn't go to school so they would stay with their parents and go gold panning. Children would usually only go for a few years as education was not very important on the gold fields.


On the goldfields health was a concern. When women gave birth they had to be assisted by other women. There were not many doctors to help women give birth. There were at least 5 doctors back then. Women would have to be carefull when giving birth because anybody could get an illness like measles, whooping cough, typoid and many women and men could die from these diseases. A doctor could have 5 professions. They would get diseaes from drinking the muddy water in the creek beds which would give them terrible diseases.
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