Laws of Apartheid

During apartheid in South Africa there were many unfair laws that were set up against the Blacks in South Africa Here are some of those unfair laws and charges that were set up against the black people


In South Africa the blacks were required to carry passbooks. These passbooks contained information about the blacks. Information included was A picture of the person, the person's fingerprint, birthdates, and additional information. Passbooks were carried so that when a black was outside of their homeland or designated area they could be identified.

Prohibition of Mixed marriages

In South Africa another law utilized was a white (fe)male and black (fe)male could not be married. A black person must marry another Black person and they same thing went for the white people.

Extension of University Education

In South Africa it was illegal for a black or colored person to register at a university without granted documented permission from the Minister of Internal Affairs. With this law it made it harder to receive good education if you weren't a white (fe)male

Bantu Homeland Citizens

The Bantu Homeland Citizens act had taken away the state citizenship from the black South Africans and had segregated them into different ethnic groups. These different groups had to live in different homelands that were independent from South Africa. Sadly if people wanted to leave these homelands they had to carry a Passbook.