Drug Abuse

Why we need to bring attention to this issue!

Teenagers and Drug Abuse

Drugs are a dangerous thing, one of the most common factors in teenagers is substance abuse (Drug Abuse). Why? In High school, and College drugs are very common and hidden throughout the school system. Drugs can be introduced to other students by other addicts, and so the chain continues. There had been a decrease in drug abuse in 2000, but since then it has slowly increased to the point we're at now, as drugs are easier to access, and cheaper to purchase. Mood Altering, Opioid, and Stimulant Drugs like Marijuana, Cocaine, LSD, and Heroin are distributed in and out of schools constantly without the School System. Twenty-Three percent of teens have smoked Pot in the last MONTH, and by the 8th grade Seventeen percent of teens have abused Alcohol, and other drugs. This needs to stop.

What we need to do!

We can end the spread of Drug Abuse with one simple step forward. If we were to provide schools with drug tests we would be able to trace the substance of the drug and to see if the person has done the drug in the last 6 months. We can end drugs with this simple advancement in our society. Is it worth the effort, because it should be.