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February 2022

Dates to Remember

February 14- Valentines Day! Dress in Pink or Red

February 15- 4K Registration

February 19- Early Release @ 1:15 pm (no class for morning 4K)

February 25 - Professional Development for Staff- No School for Students

February 28- No School

4K Registration Information

If you are unable to make for 4K registration, packets will be available in the main office.
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Public School Open Enrollment

The open enrollment application period for the 2022-23 school year is February 7 - April 29, 2022

(You must download or save the form prior to completing it electronically. Once the form has been completed, submit it to the school district to which you are applying.)

Alternative Procedures for Applying for Open Enrollment Brochure, 2021-22

What is Open Enrollment?

The inter-district public school open enrollment program allows parents to apply for their children to attend public school in a school district other than the one in which they reside.

Who can apply?

Any Wisconsin resident in 4K to grade 12 may apply to attend a nonresident school district under the open enrollment program. However, a child may transfer to a nonresident school district for early childhood education or 4K only if the child’s resident school district offers the same type of program and only if the child is eligible for that program in the resident school district.

When can parents apply?

The regular open enrollment application period for the 2022-23 school year begins on February 7, 2022, and ends at 4:00 pm on April 29, 2022. The best way to apply is online (a link to the online application is at the top of this page during the application period). Additional information on the regular open enrollment application season can be found on our applications page.

An alternative application procedure allows pupils to apply for open enrollment at any time during a school year if certain criteria are met. For additional information, please visit the alternative application procedures page.

Can applications be denied?

Both the nonresident and resident school districts may deny an application for reasons specified in state law. If an application is denied by either the resident or nonresident school district, the parent may file an appeal with the DPI within 30 days. The DPI is required to affirm the school district’s decision unless the DPI determines that the decision was arbitrary or unreasonable.

For more information appealing a denial, visit our appeals page.

How do students get to school?

Parents are responsible to provide transportation to and from school in the nonresident school district, except that transportation required in a child’s IEP must be provided by the nonresident school district. A nonresident or resident school district is permitted (but not required) to provide transportation to open enrolled pupils, however the nonresident school district is prohibited from picking up or dropping off a pupil within the boundaries of the pupil’s resident school district unless the resident school district agrees. Low-income parents may apply to the DPI for reimbursement of a portion of their transportation costs.

For more information on transportation, visit our transportation page.

Fundraisers for Special Olympics

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Oconto Falls Middle and High School Dance Clinic

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2022 Summer School Information

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Online Instructional Resources

What's the safest way for elementary students to do research or read ebooks? Using the school provided online resources in the Instructional Media Folder is the answer! Remember, students can log into their school account from home and access ebooks, audiobooks and educational videos. Using grade level materials from professional sources is much more trustworthy than trying to find things on their own.
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Lions Club Flower Fundraiser

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Knitting in the Round

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100 Days of School

100 Days of School signifies the 100th day of study in the school year. It offers students and teachers a time to reflect on the work undertaken by students and lets schools celebrate achievements and milestones.
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Parenting the Love and Logic Way

Parenting the Love and Logic Way

When: March 7, March 14, March 21, March 28, 2022

Where: Oconto Falls Elementary School Cafeteria

Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Who: Parents of ANY age children will benefit

Cost: Sessions are FREE of charge for Oconto Falls School District families ($10 fee for out of district families).

Get ready to laugh, learn and take the exhaustion and frustration out of parenting. The techniques and videos presented will give parents techniques they can use in the heat of the moment…without breaking a sweat.

Love and Logic is a philosophy of raising and teaching children that allows adults to be happier, empowered, and more skilled in their interactions with children. Love allows children to grow from their mistakes; logic allows children to live with the consequences of their choices. Love and Logic puts the parents back in control, teaches children to be responsible, and prepares young people to live in the real world. Class participants will learn specific “how-to’s” of successful parenting that are simple, practical and easy to use right away.

Presenters: Bill and Cindy Verschay *Independent Love and Logic Facilitators*

A complimentary meal and workbooks will be provided. Complementary child care services available for Oconto Falls School District Families during training for children ages 2 thru 12.


Contact: (920) 848-3747

Jean Eastman (Ext: 3013) or Angela Parkansky (Ext: 3011)

Email: jean.eastman@of-ps.org or angela.parkansky@of-ps.org

Free Workshops and Seminars in February!

Family & Childcare Resources of N.E.W. is offering the following seminars and workshops.

Developing Good Bedtime Routines, Workshop on Tantrums, and Parenting Seminars.

For more information call 920-391-5818 or email Karla@fcrnew.org or visit https://www.fcrnew.org/parents/triple-p/

Reminders from Previous Newsletters

Dressing for Winter


Winter Guidelines...

Students are required to go outside for recess unless the temperature or wind chill is below zero. The following temperature guidelines have been developed to help with the selection of clothes.

Under 40 degreesStudents will not be allowed to go outside if they are not wearing outwear appropriate for the weather (winter jacket, hat, pants, mittens or gloves). A sweatshirt, hooded shirt or shorts are not considered appropriate outerwear when it is cold outside.

K – 3rd students are expected to wear snow pants outside if parents sent them to school with the child and the temperatures warrant their wear.

4th – 5th grade students may choose to wear/not wear snow pants on the blacktop area.

Snow conditions—When snow is present, snow pants and boots must be worn to play off the blacktop area. When the ground is sufficiently dry, such that if students step off the blacktop area they will not track mud into the school and classrooms, then boots will not be required.

Older student’s (4th and 5th grade) often prefer not to wear boots at recess. When the asphalt is dry, this is not a problem. However, occasionally the asphalt area on the playground is snow covered or covered with slush (sometimes this happens during the school day). For that reason, we recommend that all students have a pair of boots available at school to wear during recess as needed.


Skylert is used by the Oconto Falls School District to inform school families about school closings, early dismissals, and late start events caused by inclement weather. An automated message will be sent out using the contact information currently in our Skylert notification system. A number of our parents have added grandparents or babysitter information.

Please follow the directions below to confirm or add contact information.

■ Log into Skyward Family Access.

■ Click on Skylert - located on the left side.

■ Click Edit.

■ Add any alternative email addresses and/or phone numbers where you would like alerts sent.

■ Check the boxes for each corresponding category for all of your email addresses and phone numbers.

■ Click Save.

Note: You can also follow these directions to remove a number or email address from the list.


Occasionally, students come to school without appropriate outdoor winter weather apparel ...either the student has forgotten one or two items at home, or the family is not able to purchase the needed items. If a students’ family has an economic need, they are outfitted with appropriate outerwear the student can keep. If items are forgotten at home, clothing can be loaned out for the day.

ATTENDANCE … If your child will be absent from school, please call the school office (even if you let the teacher know) at (920) 848-4476, ext. 1 or email ofesoffice@of-ps.org. Thank you!

Substitute Teachers Needed!!!

CESA 8 in Gillett will be hosting another Substitute Teacher Seminar at CESA 8 on November 16th. For more information or to register go here: https://www.smore.com/v9mgc

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