K 1 Newsletter September 2015

CAIS - Ms. Kenya and Mr. Peter

Welcome to K1!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to K 1 at CAIS! It is such a pleasure to have your child in our school. K 1 is a grade full of enriching learning experiences and discoveries. Your child will certainly enjoy a school year of magical wonder and amazing growth. During this first weeks the children will be adapting to their new class, teacher and routine, We count on your help during this period. K 1's first Transdisciplinary Theme is: "How We Organize Ourselves". We will begin by knowing our classmates, our classroom, our school and talking about our role in the school community. Our Central Idea is: "People Build Communities". We will be asking you to send some material in order to enrich our group discussions. We believe that communication is key to your child's success and to a great teacher/parent relationship. So, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. K 1 will be exploring many concepts and themes throughout this year and we are happy to count on your help.

Thank you so much,

Ms. Kenya and Mr. Peter

Building Bridges Between Home and School

Important Notes

Please make sure to send daily a water bottle for your child. Your child will use it during the day and we will be returning it inside his/her backpack at the end of the day.

Please label your child’s uniform. You can use a permanent marker for that.