Kids in the Loop

Kids of Inmates Deserve Support

KIDS in the LOOP is a nonprofit organization committed to nurture, support, and educate children of Ohio incarcerated parents by strengthening family life through quality resources and youth and family development programs. We are located in Summit County and currently serving inmates and families in Northeast Ohio.

Blankets for Bonding

Kids in the Loop partnered with a local high school to purchase and pre-cut 70 no-sew fleece blankets. The blanket designs included Disney princesses, camouflage, baseballs, basketballs, ladybugs and other attractive kids’ designs. Northeast Reintegration used the blankets for a family event and mother and child teamed up to tie their blanket. These children left with a blanket to wrap around them when Mom’s arms weren’t available. Grafton Correctional received the other half. Tyro Dads organized and managed the distribution of these blankets combining other activities for father and child during visiting the week of December 16th.


Approximately twenty families took advantage of Book Connections, a program that supplies the same title book to both the inmate and their child. The inmate and guardian can fill out a form, supplying the child’s age and gender. Using Amazon, the book is delivered to both the parent and child along with suggested activities for the two to “discuss” the book. Titles are chosen with the child’s age and gender in mind, but also something that lends itself to discussion. For example, Bink & Gollie by Kate DiCamillo discusses friendship. Conversation starters could be: My most marvelous companion is _____; Our favorite thing to do together is _______; Some ways we are alike are_______; Some ways we are different are ________; Sometimes we argue about ______; But we always make up because ___________. Click here for a form.


Currently, both Grafton Correctional and Grafton Reintegration house Prison Packets in their visiting rooms. The Prison Packets, available to a child visiting his/her incarcerated parent, contain books and activities for child and incarcerated parent to read and interact together for an optimal visit. The packet includes a laminated Alphabet Prison Coloring Book with dry erase markers from child to discuss with parent what goes on in a prison. There are also children’s book about Mom or Dad going to prison, hints on optimal visits with inmate and child, and mail communication ideas. Visitors can ask for these at the Reading Room.
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Over 150 Veteran's Day cards were delivered to incarcerated veterans. Dozens of children spend time creating the cards, cutting out a star from a retired American flag and inserting the star and the following momentum into the card.
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Working with the Aquatics Club, Kids in the Loop supplied funds to purchase a very large aquarium and fish for the visiting room at Grafton Correctional. The Aquatics club has done a wonderful job keeping the tank clean and fish alive! Both children nd parents have enjoyed it!

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A partnership with Grafton Media Services, Kids in the Loop and a local high school produced technology videos for inmate to view on the Hope Channel. So far topics are: iPhone vs. Android Smart Phone; Social Networking; Tablets and Free Phone Apps. We hope to continue to update inmates with Tech Bytes created by local kids.

Ideas for Future Projects

Back to School Family Day: Inmates’ children will be provided with backpacks and needed school supplies. Activities to prepare for a successful school year will be available to parent and child.

Parent Created Book for Child: The inmate parent will be provided with materials, instructions and ideas to make a book for their child. This could also be provided as a workshop. Emphasis will be on positive bonding with child via the book.

Any ideas or feedback is not only welcome but encouraged!


Thank you to Todd Ishee, Christopher Harris and the many other members of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections that have been so supportive of Kids in the Loop!