Mrs. Powers

7th Grade Language Arts

Course Overview

  • Throughout seventh grade language arts, students will have the opportunity to expand and sharpen their skills in all aspects of communication including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students will deepen their knowledge of the writing process; students will gain understanding of and practice use of proper grammar, spelling and usage; and students will think critically to apply what they read to the world they live in. Daily activities will include bell work; essential questions for critical thinking; formative assessments; Springboard workbook activities; and group work.

Class Supplies: The following items must be brought to class daily.


A charged Lenovo Device AND charging cord

A pair of ear buds

black or blue ink pen - at least two

spiral notebook - college rule

individual hand sanitizer

a box of tissues

optional, but recommended:

a box of pencils

decorative tape or a way to label your device and cord

wireless mouse

sleeve for laptop for added protection in backpack

Our digital classroom

*Students are expected to participate in all aspects of the classroom environment, including our digital Edmodo classroom, in order to advance their knowledge of literature and writing.

*Students are expected to be good digital citizens by being positive, respectful, attentive, and prepared for all class meetings as well as on Edmodo, sharing of Google Docs, and any other digital tool used in the collaboration process.

* Students are expected to treat the provided classroom materials with respect.

* Students are expected to charge their Lenovo device every night.

*Students are expected to only use the laptops for the activity we are working on in class that day.

Grading Policy

Reading Counts/Independent Reading = 10%

Academic Skills (classwork, participation & effort) = 40%

Mastery (quizzes, tests, projects) = 50%

The lowest score in mastery will be dropped each grading period prior to report card grades being submitted, retakes will not be offered.

Homework - Students are expected to stay on track to reach their quarterly Reading Counts Goals/independent reading. Periods 1 and 2 have a goal of 15 points. Periods 3-7 have a goal of 35 points. It is recommended that students read a minimum of 30 minutes each evening to achieve this goal. Once a student has finished a book they may complete a short worksheet and take the test in class. The worksheet and test MUST be completed in class.

Noredink is a digital program used to achieve mastery in grammar. Noredink assignments are assigned on Wednesday and then due the following Wednesday, some time is given in class, but if students do not finish it is their homework.

Students will receive time in class to complete all assignments except for independent reading and noredink, so unless a student has been absent NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED.

Extra credit is only given if you EXCEED your Reading Counts Goal by more than ten points. The goal for Periods 1 and 2 is fifteen points. The goal for Periods 3-7 is 35 points.

ProgressBook will be the place to check your grades. It is important that each student know their login. Save it to your Launchpad on your Lenovo. Students should also memorize their password. Students/Parents should sign up for alerts.

Discipline Plan

Should a student choose to misbehave by not following directions, proper procedures, or be disrespectful in ANY way, the following steps will be followed:

1. Correction/parent phone call

2. Written reflection/phone call

3. Detention/phone call

5. Discipline referral

Parents and teachers have the ability to request a parent/teacher/student conference at any time. Please contact the front office to schedule one. The student is expected to be in attendance.

Notations will also be made in ProgressBook regarding concerns, behavior, etc, so parents should be checking ProgressBook on a daily basis. These notations will also be considered forms of parent contact.

In the event of a serious situation, steps can and will be skipped as deemed necessary by the teacher or administrator in charge.

Southwest Middle School is a safe place for higher learning. My classroom is a safe place for higher learning. Any violations will not be tolerated.

About Me

I am a very young, intelligent woman from rural Minnesota. I have lived in Florida for 20 years. I graduated from St. Cloud State University (an hour north of the Twin Cities) with a major in Speech Communication, and a minor in English. I hold a Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate in Speech, English and ESOL. This is my 11th year teaching! I have two beautiful children of my own, they are thirteen and eleven.

I love the beach, playing tennis, running, biking, listening to music, reading, cooking, baking, eating, and most of all spending time with family, friends, and our puppy Paddy. I also enjoy spending time with 7th graders!!!