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Thomas and Noah

In Confederation?

Do We Need Confederation?

We islanders have a prone respect for self-government. We enjoy our political independence, but we now realize that we have an insignificance voice. Since we are self-governed, we now believe that our people will need more for our society. We have no borders to protect ourselves against the Americans, and we feel secluded from Ottawa, and other colonies. Our Government could fall at any given time.

The colonies need Prince Edward Island to join confederation. For they fear, if Prince Edward Island Island fall into the dirty hands of America, then America will be able to raid, pillage, and send offensive vessels right through the St. Lawrence River!

Terrible Trades!!!

A) or B)? Which one does PEI trade?

1. a) water b) wheat

2. a) ships b) cars

3. a) potatoes b) oil

4. a) cotton b) fish

5. a) rye b) beans


December 1st 1864


-10° with harsh snow and thick ice. The farmers have taken all the crops off their fields, ships are now in high demand. Remember to bundle up!