What Really Happened in Peru

From the Bane: Chronicles


What really happened in Peru from a jealous Howler Monkey to Pirates. OK so if you have every read the mortal instruments you know who Magnus Bane is, if not then you will soon find out. well in the books series The Mortal Instruments Magnus menages being band from Peru. And well...ever since I read that I have wanted to know the really story and about what lead to him being band. Well when I saw this book and saw that the story of what really happened in Peru was there I flipped. I was so happy. I begged and begged my mom to get me this book. So yeah. I love this story so much that I just want to share it with you. So here it goes.

Magnus Bane

Magnus Bane is a cat-eyed warlock. who happened to also be the High Warlock of Brooklyn in The Mortal Instruments and in The Bane Chronicles. OK so in The Mortal Instruments Magnus takes Clary Fray's, you don't need to remember her, memories when her mother asks him to. he also starts dating the eldest son of the Lightwood family, Alec(Alexander) Lightwood, but they haven't met yet. So in The Mortal Instruments me says that he was banded from Peru and this is how. So in What Really Happened in Peru Magnus's lover, who's name is not said, died in his arms so he has been on "vacation" for thirty years and found he way to his favorite place on earth, Lima, Peru.

ragnor fell

Ragnor Fell is the green skinned friend of the one and only Magnus Bane. While Magnus was in Peru he called on Ragnor. With the hope of cheering his old time friend Ragnor goes only to be tricked in to crazy things. with people all around him speaking Spanish and other crazy languages he just has to trust Magnus. Witch is a BAD idea.

Catarina Loss

Catarina Loss is a blue skinned of Magnus Bane. She is an incredible healer. She comes in later in the story. Her and Ragnor are either dating or just flirt all the time it get confusing. Catarina help Magnus after he gets drunk and punks all over a artifact in the middle of the desert that took a hundred years to find. She helps him out alot and both her and Ragnor tell Magnus that he sucks at playing an instrument called, charango.

the story

The Story

Magnus is on a thirty year vacation after the women, who was a mortal, dies in his arms. his vacation takes to his favorite place Lima, Peru. when there he had his friend Ragnor Fell come to have fun with him. so fun for Magnus is NOT fun for Ragnor. on of their adventures were being cargo sailors and Magnus sucking a ship full of cargo, however this was not why he was banded from this lovely place. 94 years later when he came back he was doing jobs with his friends Ragnor and Catarina Loss, Magnus ends up puking all over a artifact of lines that took 100 years to find. while in another adventurer he crumpled a temple. One day when Magnus woke up he found a note from the hing councils of Warlocks in Peru saying he was band from Peru, however it never tell the exactly reason on why he was band. So to this day it is still a mystery.


I was so excited to find out the reason behind the mystery so with an ending like this i was so mad if had to guess what the reason was i would say it was because he desecrated a Temple. But we will never really find out...and it sucks. So there i hope i got your hopes up like the book did and you have to watch them come tumbling down.
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