What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social media network that makes it easy for you to share your real life experiences with others. Facebook was meant for college students, which was made by Mark Zuckerburg while he was studying at Harvard University.

Why should we use Facebook?

Facebook could be used to keep contact with friends, or to talk to friends that you have not seen in years. It can also be used to show people where have you been, maybe if you have been gone for a while and people wonder what happened to you. And since Facebook is so famous, many sites have integrated using Facebook to increase their popularity.
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The Problems with Using Facebook

Facebook has a lack of privacy. Strangers that could see it could begin to take advantage of you once they have access to one of your photos. Facebook is also one sided. They have all of the data that you have posted. So if you don't keep your activity to date, they can delete your account. Facebook is not considered very trustworthy with privacy.