Selling for:300,000

Looking for a new Planet to buy?

Looking for a new planet? Well you have come the right place welcome to Juarez's Planet's. Today I will be selling the planet Zingallalea. I will be selling this planet for 300 grand. To learn more scroll down on this flyer.
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What Number is it Away from the Sun?

Zingallalea is about 4,000 miles away from the Sun. Just a little bit farther away from Earth. That way it will not too hot or cold (depending on which part of Zingallalea you are in).

What is the Distance to the closest Planet?

Zingallalea would be in between Mars and Earth. But technically it would be closer to Earth because I did not want it to be too far away from the Sun.

Is Zingallalea a Inner Planet or Outer Planet

Zingallalea is a inner planet. It is a inner planet because it's orbit lies within the Astroid Belt. Some other examples of inner planets are Mercury Venus Earth and Mars.

What is this Planet mostly made out of?

This Planet is made up of all 3 properties. Liquid, Solid, and Gas. The graph below will show you how much of what is in Zingallalea.
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What is the Mass of this Planet?

The mass of Zingallalea is not very much compared to Earth. Any ways the mass is 900,000,000 pounds.

How many Moons does Zingallalea have?

Zingallalea will have 3 moons their names are Phobos, Deimos, and Moon. these moons are either from Mars or Earth because Zingallalea will be in between Mars and Earth.

Does Zingallalea have any Rings?

This planet does not have any rings whatsoever.

How Long is the Revolution of Zingallalea?

The revolution of Zingallalea will be about as long as Earth's.

Have ther ever been Any Space Missions to Zingallalea?

At Juarez's Planet we always are sure to do some tests a couple of times to see if its safe. So we have sent 3 people from our business to Zingallalea 3 times (each time they were different people to make sure nothing would happen) this planet is safe to go to. So just to sum it up, yes we have sent about 9 different people.
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