(separation of Power)

Quote from Montesquieu

Moontesquie did not want any branch to have more power over the others so he thought that power should be divided among all three of them so in this way they wouldn't have power over the others
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Montesquieu's Beliefs

Montesquie believed that power should be separated among groups of people and should not be given to one single person.


He was born January 18, 1689 in La Brede, France. He was a lawyer "man of letters"


He helped shape the modern day government.
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Modern Day friends

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Trump and Hillary are both people who are running for president they might have different ideas on how to run the country but they both do not want one person to run it by themselves

Friends from the enilghtenment period

Motesquieu's quote

"To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them."

To me this quote means that to be a good leader you must understand what all of the people go through, you have to help everyone if you want to make the people happy and in order to be a good leader