School is ON for Tuesday!

We will take Reading Midyear on Tuesday: VA Studies Friday!

I'm sure you've heard...

I just want to keep you up to date on our schedule. BES 5th grade will take the diagnostic Reading Midyear that was originally planned for today, on Tuesday, January 20th! There is little to do to prepare for this other than ensuring your child gets a good night's rest and nutritious breakfast.

Should you have travel plans that preclude your child's attendance on the 20th, please email me so that I will be able to plan for the resources to take the test on an alternate date. It is on-line and does entail a bit of finagling.

Virginia Studies Assessment Friday

We will move the Virginia Studies Civil War test to this Friday the 16th. Don't forget that there are excellent study resources available on Our password is the initials of our school district. There are study guides, games, and more on the sight. The Civil War is covered in standard VS 7.