Jacques Cartier

12/31/1491- 9/1/1557

The Early life of Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier a French Sailor born in Saint-Malo in the time of 12/31/1491. In 1520 he got his name out there by marrying Mary Catherine des Granches, a woman of a leading family. His popularity in the town of Saint-Malo later contributed to him becoming the French Navigator. Jacques was a curious and ambitious personality. His ambition and curiosity later lead him to some of the greatest accomplishments in the world.

First Voyage (1534)

In 1534 Jaques Cartier met King Francis I, who soon after that sent him off to discover a western passage to the wealthy markets of Asia. 5 months later Jacques returned back being sure he had reached Asian lands.

French Origin

He was "The French Navigator"

Second Voyage (1535-1536)

Jacques set sail for his 2nd voyage on May 19, 1535. He left with 3 ships and 110 men. He and his men sailed up the St. Lawrence river, He soon reached the capital of Stadacona, the capital where Chief Donnacona ruled. Shortly after Jacques arrived he could no longer travel further up the river do to rapids blocking them out. He was certain that the rapids where keeping him from reaching China. The town near him was later known as La Chine, Quebec Canada.

Third Voyage (1541- 1542)

On October 17, 1540, King Francis I told Jacques to return to Canada to take role of "Captain General" for a colonization project. On May 23, 1541 Jacques left Saint-Malo for his 3rd voyage. This time he wasn't traveling to find the passage to the orient, he was now looking for "The Kingdom of Saguenay" and its resources, as well as to establish settlement along the St. Lawrence River. Cartier developed many findings such as major parts of present Day Canada.