World Religions: Christianity

By: Betsabet Benitez and Ianna Brothwell-Hernandez

Most important belief

Christians most important belief is the teachings of Jesus Christ and his death through reserection

Why do they believe that ?

They believe that through his death and reserection humans can be reconciled to god and thereby are offered eternal life

Our opinion

We think that people would become Christian because they want eternal life, and because the teachings are about loving everyone.


An extremist in christianity is the KKK. The KKK burn crosses on nonbelievers yards. Stating that they think that christianity is theb best religion

Current Events

Christian Photographers Close Business to Avoid Shooting Gay WeddingsA couple named Nang and Chris Mai have said that they will no longer be in business because of thier religious beliefs.They said they want to honor of the reasons they said they would not be in business any more was because they wanted to aviod having to shoot gay couples. With  this action they got many hate calls and threats towards them.


The song "Silent night" by Franz Xaver Gruber was about the birth of christ. There is a story behind it.The night that jesus was born some people went to a church to sing carols and praise god. They were gonna sing a song but the organ was broken and wouldn't be fixed until after Christmas. Then a man named Mr.Gruber told this other guy to write a poem, and he did. Later he told him to write a melody that wouldn't need an organ. He also did that, then some people started singing that song wich later to americans was know as "Silent night"Some Lyrics Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright Round yon virgin, mother and child Holy infant, tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace Sleep in heavenly peace


The picture below is caled Christ in Gethsemane by Heinrich Hofmann.It refers to the events in the life of Jesus between the farewell discourse at the conclusion of the last supper and his arrest.

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