Weekly Knight News

Week of 9-19-16


This week we were supposed to cover the next 3 chapters of our book study. However, I want to make sure we have time to talk about eLearning before the 30th and had a few departments ask to meet. So we will start our morning in the library and then give time to meet in departments.

Team Leader Meeting

We do have a team leader meeting on Monday after school. If you have anything that needs to be discussed please talk with your team leader. I do have the collaboration notes from your 1/2 day team meetings and will answer those questions at the meeting.

New Students and Schedule Changes

The start of this school year we have had a lot of new students to the middle school, which is great. Obviously all of these situations are different. Sometimes we have parents come in and let us know their student will start in a few days, while other parents come in and want their student to start that day.

Whether it is a new student or changing a current student's schedule to met their educational needs, we always take a look at team sizes, class sizes, who is in that class, when it falls in their schedule, etc... Students are not simply placed randomly into classes without doing some investigation first.

As you know, there are a few class periods that our hands are locked. For example 5th period there are few electives so our Blue team classes are large during that time. This is the same for 4th period Red/Purple, they have all of their students during this time.

We also have Blue team that currently has 8 more students then Green team. So new 8th grade students will be placed on Green team or Purple team if the schedule fits.

Please keep all of these things in mind as we continue to get new students and change schedules to meet our student's needs.

Change In Duty

Tomorrow starts the next 6 week rotation (yes we have been in school for 6 weeks!).

Corner of Diamond and Sheridan- Barber

Sheridan Street Door 1- Gustin and White (Stan please get the radio from the staff lounge)

Sheridan Street Door 16- Ortiz

Sheridan Street Bus (By Door 13)- Demske

Riley St. Bus Entrance- Irons (Irons please get the bus checklist from PE office)

Bus Parking Lot- David, Stein, Foster

Riley street Door 5- Herbst

Staff Survey

If you haven't already completed the survey please take the time and get this completed. Thanks

Teachers and Staff: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IPLICO3HRSL2InterMidJrTeachStaff_ZYNGPR8

Building Update

As you know, this past week we had our official ground breaking ceremony for the new building! This week starts the bi-weekly construction meetings on Wednesday mornings. At these meetings Fetter's construction will give administration updates on the project and timeline updates.

I also want to update you on some furniture items. Last week Brian and I met with KI furniture and will be visiting their showroom and looking at products in October. Sharp School Furniture came in for a meeting this past week. Brian and I asked for some furniture samples, that we saw this summer, so that you have a chance to see them and give us your thoughts. We ordered 2 different types of teacher desks, a storage unit, 5 student desks, 5 student chairs, 5 stools, and a teacher chair. These items should be here once we return from Christmas break.



Tuesday- Cain Out

Wednesday- Deming out am- Construction meeting