Station #3

So You Think You Can Joust: The Life of a Knight


For this station, your job is to understand the life of a knight in Medieval England.

To accomplish this task in the allotted time, please follow these steps:
1. Log in to chat room for this station's activity on the Moodle.
2. Watch the two videos in the resources section; this will play on the Promethean board
3. While watching the videos, make comments (in the chat) on different topics that are mentioned in the video. Feel free to ask questions, answer questions, make comparisons, etc. Note that these logs will be saved - everything should be on topic and school appropriate.
4. Once you've watched both videos, complete the assessment in the Google Doc as listed below.

ASSESSMENT: You decide - did the knights have it harder than today's military? (post the answer to this on the shared Google Doc)


Roundtable picture:
Joust picture:
Emblem picture: