Dental Hygenist

By: Riley Davis


Dental Hygenists teach kids how to brush their teeth correctly, telll people why cavities are bad, take x-rays, and even assist during surgery.

Cool Fact:

You should be able to work well other people, it is also  in the same field as an orthodontics.

What do they do:

Take x-rays, show poeple how to brush their teeth corectly, and assist dentists during surgery.

Education Requirements and Skills Needed:

Assosiates degree, fine motor skills, detail- orientated, nice, and caring.

Personality needed:

Positive, outgoing, detailed, describe  big ideas in simple language, helpful, encouraging.

Annual salary (per year):


Projected job growth:

21% or more

Companies with this job:

Bright now, ETS Dental, U.S. Army