Fun With Firsties

February 1, 2016

Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts-We have begun Unit 9 in our Superkids curriculum. Along with this new unit comes a new list of memory words and a new spelling pattern. We will decode and spell words with the C V V C pattern. This week we will read the story, The Straw Horse and the play, The Contest. While reading each selection we will discuss the setting and the importance of the setting in each selection.

Math-Topic 8 is underway this week. We will begin our study of place value this topic. Students will be introduced to the concept of tens and ones during our lessons this week.

Social Studies-Our Patriotic Play preparations are underway! Our lessons throughout the month will identify important American patriots and key American symbols.

Patriotic Play Updates

  • All Patriotic Play parts have been assigned and scripts have been distributed. Please keep the scripts at home for reference. Now it's time to start memorizing!
  • Costume information was sent home with your child last week. Please contact your child's teacher with any costume questions you might have.
  • Below is link that takes you to our juke box for the Patriotic Play. We hope you will use it and encourage your child to practice singing the songs at home.

Happy Valentine's Day!

First grade will celebrate Valentine's Day on Tuesday, February 9. We will celebrate in our classrooms during the day with special crafts, stories, and games. We will also exchange valentine cards. If your child wishes to participate in the valentine card exchange, please be sure that they bring a card for each child in their class. Class lists are posted on the MJS Resource page for reference purposes.

Upcoming Dates

  • January 29-Report cards were mailed, be on the lookout for yours! If you do not receive a report card, please contact Patti Long
  • February 4-Field Trip to Fire Station-Mrs. Serrato's class and second half of Mrs. Murphy's class
  • February 5-Love Gram orders due. Use the following link if needed

  • February 9-Valentine's Day celebration
  • February 10-Ash Wednesday Service, 9:00 a.m.
  • February 12-Grandparents and Special Friends Day, Concert Dress, 11:00 a.m. Dismissal
  • February 15-19-Winter Vacation, No School
  • February 24-Patriotic Play, 9:00 a.m.


Monday-Superkids Activity 79 and 85

Tuesday-Online Math homework

Wednesday-Superkids Activity 82 and Memory Word Practice

Thursday-Journal-This week we read a story about Lily and Ettabetta and their trip to a toy store. What is your most favorite toy to play with? Write about the toy that you like to play with the most. Be sure to write 2-3 complete sentences and illustrate your writing!

Unit 9 Memory Words and Spelling Patterns

Memory Words

  1. would
  2. could
  3. some
  4. one
  5. new
  6. were

Spelling Patterns

CVVC(consonant, vowel, vowel, consonant) Patterns
















Faith in First

"Happy those whose trust is the Lord." Psalm 40:5

This week we will learn about the saints, the Holy People of the Church. We will learn how the Catholic Church celebrates saints and we will explore ways in which some saints showed their love for God.