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I'm back again this week with another tip...just ONE as promised!

SPELLING is something that parents often feel comfortable helping their children with because it feels so familiar to them, and most know how to spell! But when it comes to our younger students, spelling presents some instructional challenges that parents may not be prepared to address without instruction themselves.

I am attaching a link to a very well-done Youtube video that is sure to help parents of any primary age student with spelling and writing work at home. It is also a great model for teachers of how to explain spelling at primary grades to students -- You may even want to borrow the ideas to create your own video model for your students to access at home whenever they are writing or editing for spelling.

The video explains the best ways to be helpful at home when students are writing and attempting spelling. There is specific and age-appropriate advice at every grade level from Kindergarten through 2nd grade.

The video was created by the Teachers' College at Columbia University, best known for training teachers in the Lucy Calkins' Units of Study for Writing -- but the video is helpful whether or not students have had instruction in the Units of Study.

Check it out using the link below!

Stay well and enjoy your week!

Janet Hess

Spelling Video for Parents (Grades K-2)